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What To Pack In Your Baby's Diaper Bag While Going Out | Diaper Bag Essentials

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Baby care | Diaper bag essentials | Guide for new parents | Travel essentials for baby | What to Pack in a Diaper Bag

Once you become a mom, long-forgotten will be those days when you used to carry your different stylish bags. You would now have to carry your baby's diaper bag instead. Diaper bags play a very important role whenever you plan to head out from your home.

Babies tend to be a lot of grimy. You'll always require a lot of stuff to keep them clean, tidy, and good smelling. It's going to be your ultimate pinpoint while traveling. So here is the list of some must-have items you need to carry in your diaper bag. In case if I miss out on any, please do let me know in the comment section.

16 Most Common Essential Items To Carry In a Diaper Bag

1. A Proper Diaper bag -

It's very vital to choose the right bag according to your preference and comfort. Choosing a bag with lots of pockets and storage space can be a great savior. Easily accessible pockets will let you grab a diaper or any other items quickly when you need it.

Best Diaper Bags available online -> Stylish Diaper bags for mothers

2. A portable changing pad -

It's for sure that you might need to do at least one diaper change while you are traveling. This can be a very uncomfortable task for both you and your baby. With a portable changing pad, you can turn this unpleasant chore into a much comfortable and easy task. Make sure you choose a good textured, waterproof one for hustle free process.

Nowadays some diaper bags itself comes with a built-in changing pad. Isn't that great!

Buy online -> Diaper bags with changing mat OR Changing Pads for a stroller walk

Buy Online -> Baby changing diaper mats alone

3. Diapers -

I know, no mommy would forget this but still wanted to specify it. Carry 1/2 diaper for every hour you plan to be out. It's a rough calculation. You can increase the count as per your requirement.

Buy Online -> Best disposable pant style diapers for babies

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4. Wet Wipes -

Baby wipes are handy to clean the baby in between diaper changes. Proper cleaning is required to avoid any risk of bacterial infection. Use travel size packs for easy carrying. It'll also consume less space in your diaper bag.

Buy Online -> Pampers baby wipes Or Water based wipes for newborns

5) Diaper rash ointment -

Every time you change your baby's diaper make sure you apply the diaper rash cream to prevent any rashes on his/her bumps. Baby's skin is very sensitive especially their genital areas. hence make sure you take good care of it even while traveling.

Buy Online -> Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream

6) Diaper disposable bags -

Never ever through the soiled diapers as it is in the trash bins. It's really awful and bad practice. The people who clean them are also humans. So please always use a disposable bag ( preferably biodegradable) to trash the soiled diapers. It would be very much appreciable.

Another major advantage is that some diaper bags even locks the formidable odor of soiled diapers.

Buy online -> Biodegradable Disposable bags

7) Wash clothes -

Wash clothes or burping towels are really required after feeding your baby or in case he/she burps/vomits. If you think your baby won't spit up, then you’re playing some pretty steep odds.

Hence. always carry 2-3 burp or wash clothes in your bag.

Buy Online -> Super absorbent burp clothes OR Washcloth for babies

8) Extra pair of dress for baby -

Yes, these are a must! Keep 1-2 pairs of extra dress in case your baby ends up dropping something on the clothes or the diaper leaks accidentally. It’s best to have additional clothes on hand for a quick change.

9) Feeding bottle -

Whether formula or breast milk, if you prefer feeding them using a bottle then it’s best to carry it with you, in case your baby decides to have second thoughts and gets hungry more frequently, or you are in a situation where you cannot breastfeed your baby comfortably.

Buy Online -> Feeding bottle for 0 to 6 months old baby OR Feeding bottle for 6-12 month baby

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10) Baby toys or rattle -

Your baby can get bored real quick hence, keep them engaged by giving them their favorite toys or rattle to play. This will make them happy and at the same time help you in enjoying your journey and shopping!

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11) Zipper bags -

Dirty clothes, burped hankies, all need a commonplace to be in without mixing with the clean stuff. Use zipper bags to serve this purpose.

Buy Online-> Zipper bags for traveling

12) Baby skincare essentials -

This can be optional in case you are just going out for an hour or two. But in case you are planning for a long journey then keeping some essential travel size skincare creams and lotion for babies will always be a great idea. You can use them whenever required.

Buy Online-> Travel-sized bottles for creams and lotions

13) A miscellaneous pouch -

A medium-sized pouch that can store all your required items like, house keys, Id's, phone, clips, safety pins, lip gloss, etc should be included in the diaper bag so that you don't end up struggling to fetch your necessary items from other bags.

14) Hand Sanitizer -

Your hands should always be clean while doing a diaper change or dressing up your baby. It prevents them from being exposed to any infections or diseases. Therefore always keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy.

15) Baby blanket -

Blankets will be used for multiple purposes, right from laying your baby down, to using them as a comforter, to cover your baby or even the window in case of strong sunlight.

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16) Baby medicines and first aid kit -

Carry pain relievers, general-purpose medicines, and small ointments in case your baby hurts himself during the journey. Being slightly over-prepared brings no harm. You can include their vitamin drops to the kit.

Traveling or going out with your baby can be a bit of a concern. But, by keeping a few essential items and ensuring comfort and hygiene at all times, you and your baby can have a wonderful outing and make memories to think back of.

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