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How to Manage Time Wisely & be Super Productive | 15 Powerful Time Management Strategies

Updated: May 27, 2020

Time is a very crucial element in life. No one has the power to slow down or to extend the 24 hrs time frame. It's just that they know how to properly manage their time.

Be super productive by following the best 15 Tips and strategies to manage time wisely and efficiently.
Tips and Strategies For Managing Time Efficiently

Time management is indeed the most productive skill that will take you far in life.Successful people have already mastered the art of time management. They have adapted it as their daily habit of life.

How can I be successful and productive in life ? How can I achieve my goals without working hard? How can I find some time for myself after the hectic work? These are some common concerns addressed by many people in today’s busy life.

Don’t worry! With these 15 powerful strategies , you will be able to plan ,work and relax while parallelly achieving a massive success in your life.

Tip # 1: Plan a night before.

Plan a night before to get more done in less time.

Planning your to do list a night before can really help you save pretty good time for the next day. By doing so , you would already be clear and determined about the tasks for the following day. This will gradually help you to stay focused rather than aimlessly taking up trivial tasks.

So , make an achievable to-do list and then go to bed.

Plan before going to bed. Make ato do list and then go to bed. This will help you to be productive through out the day.

Tip # 2: Schedule your tasks using different planners -

Scheduling your tasks in a planner is a great practice. But , cluttering your planner can be the worst mistake you can make. Always have separate planners. For example , Have separate planners for daily , weekly and monthly tasks. Also keep a track of your personal and professional works on separate planners.

This will keep you clutter free and you won’t miss to accomplish any important tasks.

I personally have separate planners for cleaning , cooking , office-works and other tasks on a daily , weekly and monthly basis. Using these amazing planners have really helped me execute my tasks smoothly and clutter free.

Tip # 3: Prioritize your work - 4 D’s

Prioritizing helps you to avoid procrastination , reduces stress and increases productivity. You must have heard of the 4D’s time management criteria. If not , here are the 4D’s which can help you become proactive in both professional and personal life.

  • DROP-

Delete the tasks which are not urgent or important from your list.

  • DEFER -

Not all work is supposed to be done immediately.If there’s something which is important but can be done later , then defer it. Set a separate time for completing those tasks.

  • DO -

Do all the urgent and important tasks then and there when you get time for it.Do not keep them for later


You are not a superwoman or man! There would be times when you can’t do all the work by yourself. If you find someone who can do at least 75% as well as you, delegate it to him/her.

Tip # 4: Batch similar tasks -

This is a super simple but effective strategy. Try to combine similar tasks together and get them done at once. For example , if you are working in your kitchen , then try to complete all the tasks related to kitchen chores like cooking , washing utensils etc.

Never try to work in a perpetual state where you keep on shifting your tasks and then try to refocus on them. Every time you get distracted it's said that your brain takes around 10-15 mins to regain complete focus.This will only create more stress & procrastination.

Tip # 5: Use a digital calendar -

Long before, calendars were used as a fundamental tool to manage time. With the emergence of online calendars things have changed. Now, one can easily create time blocks, manage his/her schedule, mark important dates and events, set up automatic reminders, and whatnot.

Switch to an online calendar for reducing the time and effort spent on creating a schedule regularly.

Tip # 6: Place a clock in front of you -

Placing a clock in front of you while working can help you keep track of your time spent on work and other buffers. This will make you more focused on your work and will resist you from buffering on trivial tasks.

Now ,you will get to know how and where every hour is being spent at work in order to manage time better in future.

Tip # 7: Set a time limit game for each task -

It's now time to play a game! Set up a timer for your batched tasks and try to complete them within that time frame.Not only you will be able to complete your task effectively but also you will enjoy completing them.

Start trying this right after you wake up. Set up a time frame of 7 mins - Try to make your bed and freshen up and clean your room within the time frame. Try it ! You can do it.

Tip # 8: Discover you peak zone -

I always try to schedule my MIT’s (Most important tasks) for mornings rather than getting it done in the evenings or late nights. According to me ,night time is basically to relax and spend time with family. Getting the most urgent and important work done in the morning makes me feel more accomplished and relaxed.

You can definitely choose any time to complete your prioritized tasks.But , always try to complete them in your zone. Zone is nothing but the most specific hours in a day where you try to input your best. You will also be super focused and productive while working in your ‘Peak Zone’.

Tip # 9: Utilize waiting time wisely -

We all spend a good amount of time waiting in a queue ,at banks ,for cabs, travelling and many more. But have you ever realized that these small bits of waiting can have the ability to boost your productivity?

Utilize your waiting time to write down your to do list for upcoming days , get done with your mails and meetings. Read some motivational books , socialize , call back the unattended calls. If you are already having an exhausted day then try to relax , listen to music or day dream.

From now , try being equipped rather than feeling annoyed from waiting.You will feel better and will have a more positive predisposition.

Tip # 10: Multitask when required -

It's good to have a practice of multitasking when it comes to household chores. You will be able to cook, clean and complete other chores at the same time. This will save a lot of time and provide us a space to relax.

But to be frank , multitasking is an art. Not everyone can excel in it. If you feel multitasking is doing worse rather than good then just stop juggling too many tasks at once.

Coming to professional life , multitasking is a NO NO! This can only waste time and overall productivity of yours. Instead of trying to give your attention on different things , try to focus on a single work and pull off it effectively

Tip # 11: Bring in a regular pattern -

Stick to a routine. This is vital as constructing and executing a regular pattern will inhabit it in your life. You never forget to brush your teeth.Right? This is because it has become your habit. Similarly adapting a working pattern regularly can become your habit.

Successful people follow a disciplined and well ordered pattern in their life.This improves effective dealing of work and avoids stalling.

Dithering yourself from your tasks or responsibility can be your biggest failure. Hence,follow a consistent pattern, make it a daily habit, be relaxed and enjoy working.

Tip # 12: Learn to say NO -

It's never a good idea to take up more than what you can handle. Don’t forget - Quality is better than quantity. Don’t expect yourself to handle too many tasks all alone.Don’t hesitate to say NO to someone. The word No was invented to use it not to just keep it in the dictionary.

Be true to yourself. If you can’t take up things, address it clearly and politely. Bring in refusal rather than rejection.

Tip # 13: Delegate or outsource -

Personal or professional life , you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Asking for a helping hand can only benefit you.It gives you enough time to focus on important things by reducing your workload.No matter how good you are in managing your work , it's always a smart choice to learn how to delegate tasks to others and let other people share some load with you.

If you feel someone can can do the work at least 75% as you then , delegate it. Delegating someone by training them can also be a good way to help both of you. If it’s hard to take out time to train others for certain tasks, you can always outsource or hire a freelancer.

Tip # 14: Take breaks -

You always pamper your whole body externally.But , your body also requires pampering internally.It may sound implausible but breaks are one of the effective time management strategies. Smart time management is not about getting things done at a stretch. This can only make you exhausted and dissipated.

Don’t think much ! Go and have a coffee , listen to music or podcasts , take a walk or do anything that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Breaks and necessary to boost your productivity to the next level.

Tip # 15 :Block out your distractions-

Distractions are nothing but your social media platforms , mails and calls.You yourself can’t imagine how much time you waste on buffering through these. It really gulps up all your precious time from you.

Make it a stern decision not to use or buffer through the distractions while working. If your mind isn’t helping you to do so then you can go with the apps in store for dealing this problem.

Nonetheless , you can set up a specific time in your schedule to buffer though your mails or social media.

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