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8 Best Beauty and Grooming Tips for Men |Natural Daily Skin Care Regime at Home

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

8 best beauty and grooming tips for men. Daily skin and face care regime for men.

Let's be real - Like women , even men want to look handsome and beautiful. I strongly believe that having flawless skin is just as much of a concern for men as it is for women.

Going to Gym , trying different hairstyles would do no good if you are not having a charming and healthy skin. Taking care of your skin should be equally prioritized with other stuff.

So, if you're someone who used to think that splashing water on your face completes your skin care routine then you are in dire need to upgrade it.

Follow the basic and simplest effective regime to get that model looking healthy and glowing skin!

Choose the right products -

Choosing the right products is very important. Using wrong and unsuitable ones can damage your skin and can even make you prone to allergies. So,before knowing the products, let's first understand the key rule of choosing them.

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Know your skin type -

Every person is different. Hence, every skin is different. You having a dry skin can’t expect to get results after using products which are for oily skin type. Hence knowing your skin is vital.

Take this simple test at home to know your skin type -

This is a simple home test which determines your skin type from the amount of sebum produced.

There are basically 4 skin type -

Dry , Oily , Normal and Combination.

The most accurate way is to start the test on a clean face.

  1. Wash your face and pat it dry. Wait for 30 minutes.

  2. Gently press oil blotting paper or tissue on your face. Press on different areas of your skin, such as your T zone (forehead and nose and Chin) and cheeks.

  3. Check how transparent the sheet is by holding it to the light.

Know your skin type with this basic skin test at home. Get results instantly. Know if you have dry , oily , combination or normal skin type.

There exists one more skin type called the “ Sensitive skin”. This type of skin can’t be identified through the above skin test.

Sensitive skin depends upon the following factors -

  • How much does your skin react to the products?

  • How easily your skin turns red / prone to rashes?

  • How severely does your skin get affected ?

  • How much time does it take to heal?

Forget about the packaging -

Today most of the products available in the market are unisex.These are suitable for bothe men and women. Even if they aren't, don't hesitate or limit yourself from using them.

If you are cautious due to the scents , then go for fragrance free products.Or opt for mild or woody fragrant products.

Try Experimenting -

Experimenting is essential if you are looking for the perfect product according to your skin. Unless you try out different products you can’t know what’s best for you.

Try out sample products of high end brands before investing on them. And , never forget to do a patch test on your palm or behind your ears before using any new products.

Cleanse your face -

Whether you have dry or oily skin , cleansing your face is a must. It is even more important to wash your face regularly if you have acne problems.

In general , you should wash your face twice a day. This is to prevent clogged pores and other skin problems. Use a face wash having Hyaluronic and Salicylic acids in it.These ingredients help to fight acne and hydrates your skin.

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Tips -

  • Your hands should be clean from dirt and other residue before you touch your face.Hence, wash your hands before cleansing .

  • Never use bar soap (Body soap) to wash your face.They can be really harsh on your face.

  • Steam your face once a week to open your pores.Else , just try washing your face when you are planning to have a hot shower bath.

Exfoliating is necessary -

If your skin is looking dull and old it's just because of the accumulation of dead skin cells .This gradually clog your pores and causes breakouts.

To avoid this , exfoliating twice a week with a gentle scrubber is necessary. Include exfoliation in your skin care routine and you will notice a drastic change on how your skin looks.

Be careful not to over do the exfoliation as it can result in more breakouts and pimples. Stick to the rule - “two times a day”.

Get ready for Shaving -

Before you pull out your razor, first look into the mistakes men make while shaving.

  • Shaving without using a shaving cream or foam.

  • Shaving against your hair growth

  • Reusing old used blades.

  • Not moisturizing your skin after shaving.

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Now since we have understood the don’t while shaving lets focus on the do’s -

  • Splash your face with warm water before shaving.

  • Apply a light layer of a good shaving cream / foam and then start shaving.Remember, the smoother the skin the closer the shave.

  • Invest in a good razor so that shaving becomes smooth and cut free.

  • For a more comfortable shave , move with the grain of your hair rather than against it.

  • Pat dry your face with a towel. Do not rub your face after washing it.

  • Moisturize your face .This soothes your skin and reduce the chances for getting bumps and ingrown hairs.

Moisturize and protect -

Now as u read moisturizing is good , try to include it in your daily routine irrespective of your shaving routine. Look for products having vitamin E ,Shea butter or essential oils as this provides hydration to your skin.

Another important product to have is a good Sunscreen. Now if you are hesitant or lazy to buy too many products go with a moisturizer having a good SPF ( preferably 30+ or above) so that you get the 2 in 1 benefit.

best way to moisturize men's face using hydrating moisturizers.

Apply 2-3 spots of sunscreen/moisturizer on your face (forehead , cheek and chin ) and massage it into your skin gently.Always apply sunscreen 20 mins before going out.Also do not skip your sunscreen in winters. It will cause more damage to your skin.

Infographic on basic men's skin care steps and routine.

Lip Care -

Lip balms are not just for women, it's equally important for men too. Rather lip care is a must do for men as they are more into smoking and alcohol. These factors lead to pigmentation, darkening, dryness and coarseness of your lips.

Using a lip balm regularly and exfoliating your lips 2-3 times a week can be a solution to this.

There are many good lip balms available for men. Don’t waste your time , buy and put one in your pocket.

Basic lip care essentials and steps for men.Natural remedies for soft lips for men.

DIY tips to exfoliate your lips -

Baby toothbrush-

Baby toothbrush is a perfect tool for exfoliating your lips.It has much softer brizzles compared to the adult brushes and hence can serve the purpose. Wet your lips and toothbrush.Then, gently brush them in circular motion for 1 min. You will notice that the dead skin gets peeled off instantly.

Sugar and honey -

Mix 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon sugar in a blow. Apply the mixture on your lips and gently scrub it with your index finger in circular motion . Let it sit for a good 10 mins and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

This helps you to get a healthy looking kissable lips!

Sleep and Eat Well -

Okay, so now many people who regularly visit the gym may follow a healthy diet routine. But what about others? Following a healthy diet can be the vital step for skin rejuvenation. It's okay to have a cheat diet sometimes but having burgers and other junk food on a regular basis won’t help you achieve youthful skin.

Eat a healthy diet rich in iron , vitamins, protein and carbohydrates.

Guide to get proper sleep for men. Stay healthy by proper sleep routine .

Another major factor affecting your skin could be your bedtime routines. I know , boys love late night movies , games and partying but now it’s time to focus on getting a better night’s sleep. Sorry gentlemen, but those late nights are doing no good on your skin.

As sleep deprivation continues, you will have dark circles and puffy eyes and your skin will begin to appear lackluster.It can also affect collagen growth and skin hydration.

Studies say that men are harder hit by periods of deprivation as compared to women.As you sleep, your skin goes into repair and regeneration mode.Hence , try to have an ideal sleep pattern of 8 hours to achieve a healthy looking skin .

Remember , your skin isn't a reflection of who you are, but feeling good about your skin can make you feel more confident and more satisfied!!

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