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How To Become More Productive in Life | 12 Powerful Tips to Work Less and Play More

Updated: May 29, 2020

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” - Franz Kafka

This quote just made me realize that our goal should not be to get more done , rather it should be to have less to do! Everyone at some point wants to be productive in their life. They realize their mistakes and start working on their habits to bring productivity into work or personal life.

But is that so easy?? You can’t be super productive overnight! And you can’t achieve it unless you incorporate the right methods into your daily life.

It looks really simple while reading such posts on productivity tips but the fact is it takes patience and discipline to embrace it in real life.

Now let's get started with the top methods to become productive in your personal and professional life.

1) Be an early bird-

Don't Worry ! It's not about asking you to get up at 5 am. You just need to wake up at least half an hour before your previous standard morning alarm. This will help you become more energetic and productive throughout the day. Also , you will be able to complete some of your household tasks prior to your work.

-> Tips-

  • Set an alarm with your favourite song before going to bed and wake up to dance / do your Zumba right away ! This is purely inspired from “The BIG BOSS” !!

  • It's a great time savior , if you try to do your daily exercises along with your wake up alarm song.

2) Make your bed -

Once you feel warmed up , the next thing to do is make your bed. Believe me guys , this really pumps you to do a lot of things for the rest of the day. It’s just a 4-5 mins effort which provides you a small sense of pride and encouragement to kick start your other tasks for the day. Charles Duhigg calls - Making your bed a "keystone habit”.

" If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed " - William McRaven, US Navy

3) Make a to do list -

To do lists helps you to delegate your work. Don’t overwhelm yourself by making a complex long list. Keep it simple and productive. Include the tasks depending on their priorities.

Ready to experience the feeling you get while you strike off the items on your list one by one ?? Go and make one today!

4) Plan it out in Planners -

Do you feel 24 hours is not enough for completing your tasks??You have put your efforts and time but still have many projects to be completed?? This is probably because you are not scheduling your time effectively!

Unlike to-do list , planners allow you to schedule and stay on track with each event, appointment and task individually. Set specific due dates and deadlines for everything you need to complete so that you can have extra time left for yourself and your family.

-> Tips -

  • Sort your planner into daily ,weekly , Monthly.

  • Use traditional or digital ways to plan your tasks . You can use apps like

  • Set reminders in your planners so that you don’t miss out anything and can stay stress free !

5) Time management -

Time management is the ability to plan and control the hours you require to accomplish your goals.From the above three methods you would be able to manage your time to some extent. It is important to monitor and identify where the time actually goes.

Juggling between various domains of life - home , work , hobbies etc it's important to set aside non essential goals and focus completely on your main tasks and goals.

For further in-depth strategies follow the #15 best and effective methods to bring in time management in your life.

6) Prioritize your task -

This is basically very simple. Understand your tasks/goals to be achieved according to the importance , time and effort required. Once you have a clear picture , list down the task either in the ascending order of difficulty or descending order. You can choose according to your way to tackling the finishing of the tasks.

I always prefer to complete the important and toughest tasks before and then move on to the simpler ones. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment and provides me more time to relax and do other tasks.

-> Tips -

  • Try to complete your most important tasks at your peak hours.Because that's the time when you can put your maximum in achieving it.

  • Focus on one task at a time.

  • Group similar tasks together.

7) Limit social media usage -

Some people find their relaxation by surfing through social media. And there are some , who just spend hours in these without realizing the loss of time !It's okay to have that in between your work , but if you belong to the second category then you need to work on your addiction soon.

Limiting the usage of social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , twitter can help you get more time for your work as well as for your personal activities. These have become a complete distraction for many people out there.

-> Tips -

  • Turn off alerts and notifications on your phone.

  • Allow apps to control your social media engagement. There are many apps available at the store. Check out the best 4 apps which can help you overcome the social media addiction while working .

  • Keep a specific time and schedule to buffer your social media.

8) Make Your Workspace Work Friendly-

Having a restorative physical environment is very essential to avoid any kind of distractions. Declutter your desk , stick some inspirational quotes on your pin board , add some decor pieces , stick a calendar and last but not the least add some plants. Always choose a quiet area, with bright and cool lighting.

This will make you feel like working productively on your desk. Remember your work desk should be your place of happiness not stress or boredom.

Try it and let me know in the comments !

Check out how I decorated my working desk !

9) Take a break -

Breaks are necessary! It's not an excuse you can give to your body and mind for not taking breaks.Leverage Your Mind-Body Connection.

Have a cup of coffee , read a book , take a nap - do what makes you relax and feel refreshed. Only when you take breaks , you can be more productive. Your mind needs to unwind.So , it’s okay to take a break !

"Everything will work again if you unplug it for few minutes including you "- Anne Lamott

10) Be accountable -

Accountability acts as a glue which bonds commitment to the result. This is mainly for people who work as a team. Trying to do all your work let it be personal or professional is quite difficult and unmanageable. It's always a matter of pride to achieve things individually but accounting on others is also required. This will make you more responsible and hence more productive as you try to do things to its best.

11) Shout out your success -

You have worked so hard to achieve your goals. It's definitely something to celebrate. Shout out your success on Facebook ,Instagram and twitter. Sharing your story not only makes you feel the victory but it will inspire a lot of people to achieve the same.

This will motivate you to move with your upcoming goals in a much more determined and confident manner.

Be original, show off your success , and tell your story.

12) Reward yourself -

Reward yourself for a job well done. Some people think it's not a good practice. But the truth is ,you deserve to reward yourself for all the hard work you put in achieving your success. So don’t feel guilty for taking a moment for yourself .

Engulf the practice of “ self compassion”.It promotes good mental health and can actually help you become more productive in your life.

So, just go on! Give yourself a treat , go to a salon, get that pedicure , watch movies , go out with friends. There are so many things you can do to pamper yourself.

Don’t think of it just do it !

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