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How To Set Up An Ultimate Home Office Desk With 10 Minimal Steps

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Working from home was hardly thought about by most of us until this pandemic ( Covid-19) came into the picture. The whole world is fighting against this and almost all companies have declared a work from option for their employees.

Due to these unplanned requirements from the companies, many of us would not even have a setup to work comfortably at home. Though you might feel that it’s okay to adjust with small inconveniences it won’t work well for the long term. It can result in back pain, strain injuries, low productivity, and procrastination.

To avoid this situation it’s very important to set up a minimal but comfortable work environment where you actually feel like working efficiently. Here are a few steps and ways to achieve a workable home desk at home.

1) Find the ideal space for you -

All may not have the right table for working but at least you may have some corner or niche space of the room where you can place your system and work. You can even convert a guest room into a dual-purpose space: an office most of the time and a guest room when people visit.

Either way, having a cozy workspace that is quite separated or isolated from your home life can increase your work productivity and dedication.

2) Declutter the desk -

Once you find the right area or working desk, declutter all the items which you don’t require anymore. Chances are that you will likely spend the most time at your desk, so it is crucial to keep your desk organized to stay productive.

Moreover, you also need some space to place your files, stationery, and some minimal decor pieces to make it a pleasant and happy place to work.

3) Organizers are Necessary -

Now we have discussed decluttering, the next thing that’s important is to organize the space. An ugly looking unorganized desk can never be pleasing to anyone.

May it be those system wires, files, books, stationeries you need to invest in some super affordable yet functioning items to achieve the desired workspace. Here are few of them -

a) Organizing cable/computer wires -

You can find different varieties of cable organizers. But my favorite two are - Reusable cable tie strap and Wire cord holder. You can go for anyone or both depending on how much you need to make your desk organized.

Buy Online -> Wire Clip Organizer Cord Manager

Buy Online -> Reusable Cable Ties Strap

b) File or notebook Holders -

If space is an issue, the file folders cascade down your wall, so they don't require any drawer space. You can also go for file holders that can be placed on your desk itself.

Buy Online -> Corrugated File Holder

Buy Online -> Wall Mounted Metal Magazine Rack

c) Stationery Organizers -

You’ll definitely need some pens, markers to note down your schedules and client call meetings. It’s better to get a small pen holder than laying it all around your desktop.

Buy Online -> Metal Lacquer Pen Stand For Office

Buy Online -> Wooden Pen Stand

d) Drawer organizers -

This can be really good for people with drawers. If you are someone like me who loves to organize the drawers then getting one desk drawer organizer would be the best option. Here is a tip, you can reuse old cutlery organizers for your drawers.

Buy Online -> Mesh Desk Organizer

Buy Online -> Joyo Plastic Cutlery Organizer

4) An adequate amount of light -

Nothing can be better than having a good amount of natural light. Working in dark rooms can make you feel disturbed and less energetic. Also, it can also strain your eyes to a very great extent. You might have noticed your office cubicles having pretty good lighting. It’s just because they want to make you feel energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

Hence, it’s important to incorporate the same environment in your home office. If your space lacks natural light then try using a desk or floor lamps to supplement. Here are few best option you can check out -

Buy Online -> Rechargeable LED Touch Desk Lamp

Buy Online -> Table Desk LED lamp with mobile power bank

5) Personalizing your space -

Since you spend so many hours at your home office desk, it is no surprise that you want to personalize it. In order to do this, you can use things that mean something to you, such as family pictures, drawings, art, and motivational quote posters, etc.

This will help claim the space in the house just for you, so you feel a sense of ownership over your workspace.

You can even go for a pegboard or a wired grid board where you can pin all your important notes, some pictures in short a space of your own.

This really creates a unique and cozy vibe for you to feel relaxed while working.

Buy Online -> Metal Wired Pin Board / Photo frame board

Buy Online -> Metal Wired board with storage or Heart-shaped metal wireframe

6) Some greenery can be good -

This is totally optional but according to me having at least one plant on your working desk just changes the complete look. It feels so aesthetic and lively. Adding plants to your space not only acts as decor but also purifies the air keeping your fully refreshed.

There are so many options for indoor plants that you can add to your desk. And the best part is that they don’t even require excessive care or regular watering. Some options can be -

  • Areca Palm

  • Snake Plant

  • Succulents

  • Fiddle leaf Fig

I usually purchase plants from a brand called UGAO which is available on amazon. They really have good quality collections and are also super affordable. You can definitely check them out by clicking on the link given below.

Buy Online -> Self-watering indoor plants

7) A good seating -

Using bad and uncomfortable seating can really be harmful to you. It can cause serious health problems and injuries to your back over prolonged use.

If you can afford, try to get a good ergonomics chair where you can sit and work comfortably. Else use a chair that gives you perfect height and support for the lower back. Armrests are good only if you use them correctly. So choose wisely because at the end of the day it’s you who need to face the consequences.

Buy Online -> Best and Affordable Ergonomics chair

8) A small trash bin -

It’s always a good habit or rather practices to use a dustbin to collect your trash. Whether it’s your kitchen or office space, having a small trash bin can really keep your desk clutter-free thus making it a perfect space to work.

Also, it saves your time on decluttering your workspace on a longer run. It’s that a good time-saving hack? Thus make sure you get one today and place it near the desk to toss all the trash into it.

Buy Online -> Office Trash bin Small

9) Storage Space -

Many people might just need minimal storage space while others may require more. The first and foremost option can be to utilize the vertical space above the desk in case you don’t have an inbuilt storage possibility for your desk.

You get a huge variety of storage options online. Choose something which goes well with your whole desk theme. They also give a unique and stylish look to your overall space.

But if you prefer under the desk storage then you definitely have those options available too.

Buy Online -> White Wall Shelf For Storage

Buy Online -> Wall-Mounted DIY Iron Wall Shelf or Wall Shelf/Racks and Shelves

10) A Calender and a clock -

Managing your time wisely is always good for your professional and personal tasks. Though many might be okay to keep a track of their meeting and other works digitally, there would still be some people who would love to have a small desktop watch which helps them in time management and also acts as a decor piece.

Choose a small classic one that goes with your theme. You can use a desktop clock or a wall clock according to space availability.

While your workspace creates the perfect opportunity to reflect your personality and creativity, never try to overdo it. Keep it minimal yet functional. It definitely takes a bit of planning and effort to make sure that the workspace maximizes your efficiency and productivity. A small budget-friendly workspace makeover can be something beneficial you can give yourself.

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