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How To Easily Organize A Messy Wardrobe | Tips & Steps To Organize Your Closet

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Let us accept the fact that most wardrobes remain cluttered and messy always. It is a kinda stressful affair to keep them neat and organized. But the best part is that though we have so many clothes in our closet we end up wearing just the same 5-6 outfits and feel as if we have nothing to wear! Isn’t that true ??

Having an organized wardrobe not only makes our process of searching an outfit easier but also provides extra space to add some new additions to our wardrobe. The way you organize your closet will differ slightly based on the space you have, the size of your wardrobe, and the kind of life you lead. However, we will be discussing some basic steps that can be applied to any closet or any wardrobe to make it fully organized.

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

The first and basic step of any organization is to declutter. When you clear out your space and dedicate some time to going through your collection you might even rediscover items you totally forgot about, which turn out as an unexpected lottery. I think you all can relate it to me!

Now, as you go through your stuff, make sure to only keep the clothes you know you love and would wear frequently.

Toss all others in a pile for donation. Trust me this process is gonna clear your wardrobe to a great extent and also give you a sense of satisfaction. You can even recycle, or sell some of your never worn or rarely used stuff.

Sort Your Dresses

Once you have your needed clothes and other items decided, it’s time to sort them out. Sort them into categories like jeans/pants, scarfs, tops, inner wears, dresses, shirts, daily wear, etc.

Also after sorting, you would have certain pieces of clothing category which would be seasonal like sweaters or jackets. Keep them aside if you are not going to use them anywhere within 2-3 months.

If more space is available after setting up your wardrobe you can add these seasonal clothes to it else store it under your bed, in a storage closet bag, or above your wardrobe.

Note - Sort all clothes similarly for each person who owns a section in the wardrobe.

Clean Your Wardrobe & Your Clothes

In case you find any dirty clothes while decluttering or sorting, drop them to wash and dry. Organizing your wardrobe with dirty clothes is never acceptable.

The next task is to clean your wardrobe thoroughly. Remove everything from the closet, including hangers, baskets, and anything else that might be on the floor or shelves.

First, dust the shelves, baseboards, and hanging rods. Then wipe them with a good all-purpose cleaner. Also, do a quick cleaning of the baskets or bins if you use any of them for storing your clothes or accessories. Finally, sweep and mop the floor to collect any junk or dust settled down while cleaning the wardrobe.

Invest In Some Organizers

This is the most important step which can actually change the whole face of your wardrobe. Getting some good organizers can really simplify your process and also give a neat and attractive looking closet. Figuring out the right closet storage solutions for your particular space can be challenging. So here is the list of items that you should consider for your wardrobe organization.

1) Hangers -

Limit the visual clutter and give your closet a sleek, streamlined look by using matching hangers for your clothes. Just make sure you invest in good quality sturdy hangers that actually work for what you have.

Apart from the traditional hangers, you get a huge variety of hangers these days which even I was not much familiar with before a year ago. Here are the few most essential types of hangers that can simplify your organizing task - ( Click on them to see)

2) Drawer organizers -

Drawer organizers are great for storing your innerwear and also other accessories. If you have a drawer then investing in a good quality divider can be a perfect space saver for your inner wears that also helps save time and efforts of finding them. Click to see different types of drawer organizers -

3) Wardrobe baskets or containers -

I am not sure if you would have come across this type of organization. But trust me guys this is something you must try. You would be surprised to see how clean and tidy your wardrobe becomes once you implement this method in organizing your clothes.

There are many varieties of organizers available out there. Choose the ones that are apt for your wardrobe.

4) Dividers and Hooks -

If you have a lot of vertical space then use dividers to utilize it fully. This gives you extra storage space and also enhances the complete look of your wardrobe.

Similarly, adhesive hooks can also be a wise step towards hanging belts, lightweight bags, jewelry, etc. If you don’t prefer sticking anything on your wardrobe go for over the door holders /hooks. They too serve the purpose pretty well.

Click to see the types of dividers and hooks you can use in your wardrobe -

5) Baseboard liners -

Protecting your wardrobe baseboards from scratches and also keeping your folded clothes organized can be easily achieved by using an anti-skid baseboard liner.

I personally love using them as it makes the inner space of my wardrobe look brand new for a longer run

Buy Online -> Liners

Buy Online -> Printed liners

6) Saree Covers / Storage bags -

Saree is a must-have piece of outfit for all Indian women. Without a saree, our wardrobe remains incomplete. But taking proper care and storing them is always a tedious process. The best option is to store them in saree storage bags which are really affordable yet functional.

Buy Online -> Saree storage bags

Arranging Your Clothes & Other Accessories

Before arranging them analyze your space and also place wardrobe baseliner sheets as an extra precaution. This is totally optional and depends upon each individual’s choice.

1) Decide each section of the wardrobe -

If the wardrobe is your sole property then you can arrange the way you like it to be. But if it’s shared by your husband or your kid then you should choose sections considering their number of clothes too.

Daily wears, inner wears and frequently used clothes must be placed at the easily accessible section of your wardrobe. Rest can be stored at the top or bottom-most sections.

The main point is to utilize every nook and corner of your wardrobe wisely.

2) Hang anything that is delicate, fancy or sturdy -

This might seem obvious that you would hang some clothes in your wardrobe. But the point is hanging some random clothes will not do the trick.

There actually exist some rules to be followed to utilize the maximum space while hanging your clothes and also to make it the most functional.

  • Hang tops and lightweight dresses that can wrinkle or crease easily. Also hang sturdy outfits like blazers, suits, men’s jeans. You get a multifunctional pant hanger or clip hangers which are just perfect for the jeans.

  • Organize the clothing based on colors when using hangers. It really gives a lively look to your entire wardrobe.

  • Arrange by the length of the outfits. For example, you can arrange shirts depending upon the length of their sleeves and dresses by their complete length.

  • Turn the hangers backward which you haven’t worn at all or want to wear shortly. This hack helps to never miss any of your favorite outfits.

3) Fold depending upon the space -

If you have very minimal wardrobe space but have many jackets and sweaters then fold them and place the ones that you might want to use occasionally on the topmost section of your closet. The rest can be folded and stored in any storage bags and placed under the bed.

Buy Online -> Under the bed storage boxes

For jeans, I mentioned hanging them above, but if you are short of space then you can definitely fold them and stack in any of your closet sections. Now I like to use storage baskets as it can hold a lot of stuff in it. It also gives a tidy look to your wardrobe. You can either fold them or roll them and place them in the baskets. I prefer rolling them as it gives more space for storage and also becomes easily accessible.

When it comes to sarees and ethnic wears like lehengas and anarkalis, it’s best to use storage bags that can hold 8-10 sarees in one go. Not only you get more space you also protect your outfits from wearing off easily.

If you want to know how to fold your clothes perfectly so that more storage can happen in minimal space then do check out the youtube video that inspired me to follow this tip.

Video - Watch How To Fold Your Clothes In Different Ways To Save More Space

4) Roll and store daily wear -

All your daily wears like night suits, pajamas, shorts, etc should be folded neatly and stored in your closet. You can also utilize the baskets for this daily wear category and follow similar steps as mentioned above.

The important thing to keep in mind is that place these outfits at an eye level and also at an easily accessible area of your wardrobe as you need them on a daily basis.

5) Inner wears -

If you have drawers in your closet then they are the best place for all your inner and undergarments. You can use the drawer liners to keep them neatly organized.

But it’s totally fine if you don’t have them. You can use inner-wear or compact bra storage bags which are quite affordable and extremely useful.

Buy Online -> Compatible drawer organizer for Inners

6) Shoes -

If you are someone who likes placing or storing your shoe collection within your wardrobe then store them in clear shoe containers or boxes which can hold 2-3 pairs in it.

You can store all flats or all heels together in these boxes to save a lot of space. But if you are someone who has separate storage space for your footwear then well and good you need not worry about this situation.

7) Scarfs or Ties -

For these, you can either purchase adhesive hooks, attach them to the closet wall or door and use them to hold scarf, belts or ties, or even jewelry.

Else specials hangers are also available for scarves, ties, and belts. Jewelry and other items can also be stored in medium-sized boxes.

Buy Online -> Scarf and belt Hangers for wardrobe or multiple layered hangers

Buy Online -> Jewelry organizer

One In One Out Rule

This theory I had learned from an article a long time before. This can be a little difficult to bring into action but once you start practicing it will notice how well organized your closet always stays.

All you need to do is decide on clothing you can donate or dispose of from your wardrobe when you are planning to buy something new. This eliminates the chances of piling up your wardrobe.

So that’s it! You are done. Now that you know the steps to organize and make your wardrobe look classy, get some energy, and try to do a makeover ASAP. You know festivals are coming and deep cleaning your house has to be in your to-do list. So why not add your wardrobe cleaning task to it. Isn’t that the right time for something you always wanted to do??

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