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How To Do A Bedroom Makeover On A Budget | Modernize Your Bedroom

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Your bedroom is your personal space irrespective of whether you are single or married. It’s where you take rest and relax.Hence ,making this space comfortable , cozzy and organized is really important. Decorating it in a way that matches your style and choice will make you feel more at home. With proper theme and strategic placement of the furniture and decor you can make even a small bedroom appear larger.

Transforming your bedroom into your dream space might seem tedious and over the budget task. But that’s not true if you follow these ideas and tips. Whether you are looking to revamp your old room or decorating a complete new room these ideas and steps will help you create a classy and trendy look.

Ready to transform your bedroom to a beautiful space?? Let’s get started!

Know your room -

It’s obvious that every bed room is different for each individual. You need to identify your needs and requirements according to its size ,shape and utility. For this, draw out the structure of your room in a paper listing out the doors and windows. You don’t have to become a civil engineer for that ! Just draw a random layout.

Once you have that you will get a clear picture of where to place the furniture and other decor items. Remember , if you have a small room please do not try to overfill it with lots of stuff. Keep it minimal to make it look classy. To fit your required items in the room ,try utilizing the surface space as much as possible. Still not clear? Keep reading and you will get to know how to do this.

a) Choose your style and theme -

Your bedroom can be decorated in various styles.But , the most important thing is that it should be according to your personality and perception. Only then you will start loving it and feel relaxed while spending time over there.

Here are the few styles which will transform any bedroom to a modern ,classy or chic one!

1. Scandinavian Style

This style aims to provide maximum light and space to your room. It uses mainly white for walls and even furniture and incorporates mirrors to add volume to the room.It also combines some plants and metallic finishes.

2. Bohemian

For that extra cozy and relaxing space bohemian s are the best. You can just play around with some contrast colors to that airy , light painted walls.This style allows you to add patterns and a lot of plants. Woody and oak colored furniture are used more rather than metal ones. Use of black color is limited.

3. Modern Style

This aims for minimalism at its best! Creates a neat and tidy feel with a modern touch by using some horizontal and geometric decors. A simple platform frame with solid-color neutral bedding gives the perfect modern vibe. The furniture is more towards contemporary style.

4. Masculine Style

These are the favorites for men.These features more of geometric and hard lines with some deep warm and neutral colors like dark grey , ash , navy blue , cream , off-white etc. It also combines woody and leather fabrics to give it the manly touch.the detailing would be simple and symmetrical.

b) The Perfect Theme Gives the Perfect Look-

Painting your room with dark colors may not be so entertaining. It makes your room look more dull and negative. If you are planning to make your room fully dark , then sorry to say you are committing a big mistake!

Ideally , paint your walls white.All the first three styles that I mentioned above have white as it’s main theme. Even the masculine theme has some white in it. White reflects the light and makes the walls retreat, which helps make a small space seem larger. It also makes your room more bright , airy and inviting. Hence , try to use white or other versions of it as the base for your room. Trust me, they can never go out of trend.

Once your base is done , you now need to select the theme for your furniture and decors.Here are the few themes that go very well with a white based room -

The Girly Theme -

  1. Fully white (with some pop up colors)

  2. White , pastel pink and rose gold.

  3. White and blush

The Neutral Theme -

  1. White and black

  2. White and rusty wood

  3. White and oak

The Manly theme -

  1. White and yellow

  2. White and dark blue

  3. White and grey

You can definitely mismatch these or rather combine 1-2 themes together with white. But never try to put in more than two.

Get Inspired -

You can definitely take references from google images or Pinterest on how you want to decorate your room. Getting inspired by some room designs is great but it should be practically applicable to your room.

Hence try to search for the designs which resemble your room’s shape and size.This will help you to achieve your dream bedroom much easier.

Make a List & Plan Your Budget -

Planning a budget for your room makeover can be your first step in the complete process. But for me I always try to first decide the theme and requirements, and then plan a budget accordingly.Try to have a reasonable budget , you definitely do not want to overwhelm yourself.

Once you have a clear picture of how much money you want to spend on your room ,set up a list! The list should have the required furniture , decor items , plants and many more. Here, I will be listing out the most important and necessary items you should definitely have in your room to make it more live and cozy.

1) Bed sheets -

If you are decorating your whole room amazingly and finally end up using a printed old fashioned bed sheet !’s going to be a horror ! Never ever do that to your room.

Invest in some light colored plane bed sheets. Whites are the best! It gives your room a luxurious feel similar to the one you get in hotels. Blush ,light lemon yellow or light sky blue colors will also work.But I recommend you to get at least one plane white bed sheet for your room as it can be matched up with any contrast colors.

If you're obsessed with printed sheets , try to buy small prints or something that will truly complement your room.

Tip -

Add a throw or blanket that matches with the cushions to complete the look. You can also add any contrast colored throws. It should just blend with your whole theme.

2) Curtains -

Be wise while choosing the curtains for your room.Using the right curtains can strongly impact any room is a very positive way.There are lot of factors you need to consider before choosing the right one -

  1. Choose the ones that are one shade lighter or darker than your room’s theme.This prevents them from blending into the walls.

  2. Choose contrasting colors for your curtains to complement the room and the furnishings.

  3. Go vertical . Choose patterns that are vertical and not horizontal.

  4. Avoid heavily colored and large flowered or any other huge patterns which might darken your room creating a feeling of less space.

  5. Maximize natural light with sheer curtains.These are perfect for small rooms as it lits up the space and provides natural ventilation.

  6. You can also go with semi-sheer ones that provide both privacy and natural lighting.

  7. Create an illusion of big ,vertical space and height by adding long length curtains.

  8. Hang the panels 5-6 inches above the window frame to create a sense of height , lavish and intensity.

To make all these factors much simpler choose a good semi-sheer curtain for your room.This option will go well with any color theme. Want the perfect and best quality sheer curtains for your room on a great deal? Click here!

3) Cushions and Rugs -

Toss some cushions with some cute covers on your bed to enhance the complete look of your room. Choose some contrast or pop up colors that compliments your theme. Go with geometric or abstract designs , velvet fabric or even glittered covers to achieve the perfect vibe.

Next comes the rugs. Adding a rug below your furniture or beside your bed will visually anchor them.They change the room completely by acting as a visual divider that makes a space feel more comfortable and cozy.

Hence ,choose the rugs and cushions that show off your style and theme.It adds a texture , warmth and color to the space to make it look more polished and refreshed without breaking your bank.

Tip -

Plain or patterned jute rugs will go with almost every theme. Get are some trendy jute rugs which can never go out of fashion !

4) Plants -

There's nothing girly about having plants in your room.Adding some plants to your room not only acts like a decor but also beautifies your room , purifies the air and adds a lively touch to keep you relaxed.Studies also says that plants help in reducing stress and help you fall asleep faster.

There are a lot of indoor plants which don't even require excessive care , daily watering or sunlight. Now that's a great deal right? Here are the few plants that can serve the purpose -

  • Areca Palm

  • Snake Plant

  • Golden pothos

  • Fiddle Leaf fig

  • Heartleaf Philodendron

  • Succulents

These are some of the best decor and air purification plants which you can try having in your room. If taking care of a live potted plant seems to be a tedious task then you can opt for similar artificial ones solely for decor purposes.

5) Mirrors-

A mirror in your bedroom is a must especially if you are not having a dressing table or walk-in closet. Mirrors create an illusion of enlarged space and also enhance your room's overall look.

Get a classy , modern or floor length mirror based on your requirements.Put a mirror in the corner to give your space some volume, just keep sure that it reflects something good and not a radiator.You can also place it near a window to reflect light to brighten up the space. Check out some sample pictures of bedrooms that used mirrors as a decor and a utility .

Tip -

Use round shaped mirrors for walls to provide a modern look. And if you do not have enough space for a dressing table simple place a full length mirror at any corner of your room.

6) A working desk -

This might be an important factor for many of you. Whether working from home or office you definitely need a space where you can go through your mails , internet and spend time on social media. Some might have a particular office room at their home while others may simply prefer to transform a corner of their bedroom into a working space.

Select a space or corner that provides ample light and air ventilation, set up a small table to hold your laptop, a plant , a table lamp , clock and few planners or holders. A chair and a small waste bin to collect your trash. That’s all you require!

Tips -

For people with very small rooms can try to use a foldable wall mounted desk to save some space.

You can also add a mirror to your desk wall to transform it to a multipurpose space. Isn’t that cool?

Now you have your work desk as well as a small dressing area in a budget!

Add a fur rug to your desk chair to give in a stylish look.

7. Wall behind the bed -

This space is totally open for your private choices and styles. There is no rule that you should get a headboard installed for your bed on the back wall. Instead , come out with your creativity and aesthetic work to make it look the most prominent space.

Let's go through the different ideas for the wall space behind your bed -

Rich Vibrant Colors -

Highlight the wall using some vibrant or contrast colors like teal blue , blush , lemon yellow , grey etc. This makes that area pop up and attractive.

A Vertical Home Decor -

Using some vertical decors like a dream catcher or a wired grid with some fairy lights can turn the wall into the most attractive spot of your room. You can purchase them from store or DIY to give it your own signature style.

DIY Wall Painting or an Art -

Bring out the Picasso inside you. DIY some wall art to add a unique touch to your room. These DIY’s are super simple and save a lot of money.

A gallery Wall -

If nothing else works , just a personalized gallery wall can make your space look more classic.To create a gallery wall you can choose anything - your favorite photographs, drawings

college work , postcards with your travel memories and so on.

Creating a gallery wall will help you add a touch of your style and personality to your room. All you need is a hammer , your paintings or photographs and some frame hooks.Arrange the way you want them on the floor prior to getting in fixed up on the wall. This small step helps you achieve the perfect layout of the frames without any rearranging.

Horizontal stand or divider -

This idea is in trend now. I personally love this one as it just turns your wall to look more attractive and at the same time usable. You can store your simple decor pieces , photos and some plants to make the whole look more beautiful.

If you don't find a slab of your choice from the store , simply spray paint it with the colour you want. Saves some money and you get what you want.

A Wallpaper -

The last and trendy idea can me to add a simple or a stylish wallpaper that goes well with your theme. This process can be a bit expensive as the cost depends on the type of wallpaper and size of your wall.

One of the cheapest yet stylish one that you can use is the 3D white brick wallpaper. It gives an illusion of a popped up surface wall , creating more depth for your room. Check out this amazing yet affordable brick wall paper which can transform the whole look of your room.

8) Clock and Lamp-

Clocks can act as a great decor for your room.It’s can also be an easy substitute for a mirror or any wall painting. It also helps you stay productive and manage time accordingly.

Note : Hang the clock on the north or east side wall if you are sleeping facing south.

Now coming to lamps. They are very popular in India. Every house would have at least one lamp in any of the rooms. Over time , they have emerged with new styles , benefits and uses.

Traditionally they were placed on a side table besides your bed. But now you get a huge range of lamps that can be kept on the floor to dense up the surroundings.

Lamps create an intimate space for your bedroom.It also helps in relaxing and enjoying oneself. Add a unique piece of lamp to your room besides your bed or to any corner and see how it just brings out the best.

9) Side table -

A bedside table completes your bed. This is not more of a decor but an utility. Side tables are essential and can have a large impact on your room’s interior. They are very useful to store and display your belongings that need to be within your hand’s reach.

One important thing to keep in mind is that they should always be of the same height as the mattress.Anything higher or lower won’t look good.

Investing in a side table can be a wise decision and goes a long way.There is no rule to have 2 side tables as it used to be. Having one placed at the right position as per your need and usage can be more than good.

10) DIY Home Decors -

Remodeling or redecorating your room with some low cost or already available items can be a lot cheaper as compared to buying new things. It also allows you to customize your room according to your taste.

Here are some of the DIY ideas that can save your money -

  1. Use secondhand items especially if you are living in a rental apartment.

  2. Use spray paints or normal paints to convert them to your theme.

  3. Re-purpose the old furniture to new decors.

  4. Use some fabric and wood to create vintage styled decors.

  5. Try to include wealth from waste rule.

Declutter and Setup -

Once you have your list of items, now it's time to declutter your room. Yes! The most unwilling and mind-numbing task has arrived. But sorry to say , you have no other choice. Clean every nook and corner of your room. Make if fully empty and then start sorting out.

You will notice how much junk you have accumulated over time. Keep the things or furniture you require and give way the rest. You may even find certain things which you can repurpose or use as a substitute of any item from your list.That's it ! Your main milestone is achieved.

Now you are ready to shop from the list and setup your room as planned !You are free to include or exclude some ideas according to your usability.

Video: Get inspired by this amazing Room Makeover by "Living to DIY with Rachel Metz" -

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