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Hospital Bag Checklist For Delivery - Essential Things You Need To Pack

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All expecting mothers would be quite excited once you reach eight months of pregnancy. More than being super thrilled you might also be quite nervous about your delivery process.

But the first and foremost step should be to pack your hospital back and keep it ready. Who knows if your baby feels like coming earlier than your due date. So, if you are not sure where to start, here is a complete checklist that will help you in packing your hospital bag without missing out on any necessary item.

What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Mom

Before packing your baby’s stuff get done with your bag first.

This will help you in feeling more relaxed and utilize the remaining time for deciding what to include for your new member.

  • Lightweight dressing gowns in case your hospital doesn’t provide their gowns to wear. You can also carry 1 pair of casual dress that you can wear while leaving the hospital with your baby.

  • Nursing tops and bras to be used while feeding your baby post-delivery.

  • Comfortable nursing pillows. This one is not a mandatory requirement as you can definitely work it out with a normal soft pillow. However, if you wish to be more comfortable while feeding then go for it.

  • A pair of nursing pads to prevent leakage and to keep your breast soft and dry.

  • A bath towel in case your hospital doesn’t provide your one.

  • Breastfeeding accessories like a breast pump, nipple protection shield, etc to help you throughout your nursing phase. You can even purchase them post-delivery if you don’t wish to overfill your delivery bag. I personally did the same.

  • Maternity lingerie ( Bras and panties) for the post-delivery phase. Always keep 6-7 or a few extra panties as you might need to change them frequently due to the heavy bleeding that happens post-delivery.

  • Heavy-duty maternity pads are really important after delivery. Try to use the large-sized pads rather than the normal one. This will help in preventing any unpleasant situations.

  • Carry a small pouch of toiletries like shampoo, face wash, shower gel, etc handy so that u don’t struggle to look for one in the hospital. Also, try to avoid full-sized bottles and go for the travel-sized ones. This saves more space and is more convenient to use.

  • Cosmetics and skincare products can also be included if you like to look presentable and pampered. Applying some kajal, lip balm and mascara can really make you feel more energetic and fresh. Trust me it actually works. You should also carry a face cream and a moisturizing lotion as it helps in soothing your body from within.

  • Phone, headphones, and charger are a must. You definitely do not want to miss to post your baby’s first photo after he/she arrives.

  • Hospital cards, ID proofs, insurance papers, and other required documents are extremely important to be packed in your delivery bag. Also, don't forget to carry your debit cards or some money.

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What To Pack For Your Baby

During the old times, purchasing baby’s items before delivery was not at all encouraged by the elders. Though it has changed a lot, still there are few people who like to follow that tradition. Without contradicting much on this topic I just want to say that buying a few most essential items before delivery is always a good idea. It helps us to be organized and relaxed during the time of delivery.

Also, many hospitals recommend bringing the baby’s items as they do not provide anything from their side. Hence here are a few things that you should include in the hospital bag for your baby -

  • Set of newborn diapers ( 1 big pack). Using diapers for the first two days can be really beneficial for both baby and parents. Cleaning and disposing of the diaper becomes much simpler especially for the new parents. If you still prefer avoiding them, then go for cloth diapers. Click here to check out the best cloth diapers for your baby.

  • A pack of good quality baby wipes to clean any mess created by him/her.

  • Comfy clothes (2-3) like tie-ups or onesies or bodysuits that can keep your baby warm during the hospital stay.

  • Few pairs of socks, mittens, and hats to protect her from the cold. Mittens are really important to prevent your baby from scratching their own delicate face.

  • Bed protecting mats or dry sheets can be used while changing the diapers & to prevent any leakage on the bed if you're using a cloth diaper. Hence don’t miss out on including them.

  • A soft blanket to keep him/her warm.

  • A diaper rash cream is really important if you're planning to use diapers. Infants' skin is very delicate hence they more prone to rashes. So always use a rash cream before making them wear a diaper.

  • A soft towel and some toiletries like baby soap, shampoo, and some baby cream to keep her fresh, clean, and moisturized throughout the day.

  • Finally, a going home cute outfit that suits with the weather conditions. Remember they should feel comfortable wearing it.

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What To Pack For Your Partner or Bystander

Labor is an unpredictable instance. Hence it’s not just you and your baby whose items should be packed and kept ready but also your partners.

Here are a few things that you should not forget to pack for him.

  • Few pairs of changing clothes.

  • Phone, camera, earphones, and charging cables should be packed to stay in contact with you and also for some relaxation during stressful times. The camera will come in handy to take some happy snaps. Don’t forget to carry the batteries too.

  • Toiletries like shower gel, deodorant, brush, toothpaste, etc. which can actually be used by you and included in your toiletry bag.

  • A small pillow just in case the hospital doesn’t provide one for the bystanders.

  • Some books, water, and snacks to keep him entertained during any downtimes. Also, make sure to carry the debit cards in case you forget to take cash with you in a hurry.

Tips To Remember -

  1. Try to pack your hospital bag when you have completed 32/33 weeks as nothing can be predicted when it comes to labor.

  2. Always pack some extra pair of clothes and lingerie both for your and your partner. If you have a c-section then you might be discharged only after 4-5 days.

  3. Check with your hospital staff to know what all they provide so that you avoid including those items in your bag.

  4. If you have an elder kid make sure to pack some essential items like cloth, inner wears, etc for him/her so that you won’t struggle while staying at the hospital.

With this, we are done with the hospital bag checklist. So go and pack your bags right away and be relaxed and enjoy each moment while waiting for your baby’s arrival.

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