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7 Best DIY Hair Masks for Dry ,Frizzy and Damaged Hair |Natural Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Fall

Updated: May 26, 2020

Amazing tips and natural home remedies which will resolve all your hair related issues like hair fall , dryness , split ends and a lot more.

HAIR FALL? Frizzy Hair!! Split ends?? - these terms have become a common concern or rather a nightmare for many of us. This is not just a big concern for the women but for the men too. Though we have an 'n' number of treatments available at every salon out there , it's really difficult for many of us to find enough time to go over and have the treatments done! " Especially for working mothers like me !"

I have always found it very difficult to go and get my hair treated in a salon on a regular basis. Finally , with no other choice left I just follow my favourite DIY remedies for getting that salon treated hair results at home !!

If you are like me who wishes for the shiny , luscious and healthy hair without spending time and money in salons , just try out these best 7 DIY hair masks along with a few other important steps as mentioned below.

Before jumping to the solutions, let's first dig out the main causes for hair fall and damaged hair.

Causes of hair fall and damaged hair -

1. Hereditary -

The main and common cause for hair loss is male- or female-pattern baldness.If you have a family history of baldness, you may face this type of hair loss. It's best recommended to get treated by your doctor or a dermatologist.

2. Hormonal changes -

These changes cause temporary hair loss and can be treated at home with a proper diet , care are remedies. Puberty , pregnancy , childbirth , menopause are some of the main causes for hormonal changes which may ultimately result in severe hair fall issues.

3. Stress and depressions -

Taking a lot of stress and having depressions in life can really imbalance your hormones and result in hair loss. The main solution can be to just take breaks from your stress and do things to pamper yourself . Believe me it really brings a lot of calmness and relief.

4. Medical conditions -

These include the very common Thyroid , PCOS , PCOD , high blood pressure , cancer etc. These can mainly be reduced through medications prescribed by your doctor.

5. Lifestyle -

This is purely based on our way of living. Excessive drinking and smoking can definitely lead to excessive hair loss. Always try to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise in your day to day life. Drinking a minimum 3 litres of water daily can be your other best solution.

6. Improper care & practices -

Last but not the least are the mistakes we make while treating our hair. Proper nourishing and care is really important. Many of us are really unaware of the mistakes we do while treating our hair.These can result in all the above mentioned hair issues including #dandruff.

How to Prevent Hair Fall and Reduce Frizzy and Damaged Hair.

1. Oiling your hair -

Oiling is one of the most important cornerstones of hair care.Whether you have a normal, oily or dry scalp , oiling your hair is a MUST in your hair care regime. But unfortunately, it seems to be falling out of fad these days.

Oiling not only increases the tensile strength of the hair , but also reduces frizziness, prevents breakage and makes it overall more manageable. Natural homemade hair oils are the best for your hair problems. Applying oil on a regular basis results in the following benefits -

  • Moisturizes your hair & scalp

  • Nourishes the roots .

  • Strengthens the hair follicles

  • Protects the hair from UV exposure

  • Treats split ends

  • Restores hair’s lost luster

  • Adds volume and bounce to the hair

  • Prevents dandruff

  • Reduces the risk of lice and nits

  • Helps prevent dry scalp and scalp infections

  • Reduces hair fall

  • Prevents premature graying of hair

What's the right way to oil ?

You must be familiar with the "Hot Oil Treatment" . It's nothing but applying warmed up oil to your scalps to soothe hair into smoothness.Treat your hair with hot oils once a week (or as needed) to get the lost oil and texture back into the hair follicles and to rejuvenate the strength.Remember not to over heat the oil.

The right process of applying oil -

1. Heat the oil ( Coconut oil / jojoba oil / olive oil / any other natural oils according to your preference) using the double boiling method. I always prefer using my special home made onion hair oil for my hair. It has cured my 80% hair issues in just a month!

2. Test the oil temperature first before applying it to your scalp. Always apply lukewarm oil on your scalp.

3.Do not pour the oil directly on your scalp. Take some in your hands, on your fingertips, and gently apply on the scalp.

4.Do not rub hard with your palms. Always massage your scalp using your fingertips, in a circular motion giving pressure points.

5. Start by applying on your roots and then move downwards to the more damaged ends of your hair.

6.Massage for 10- 15 minutes for effective stimulation.It's good to use a shower cap to cover your oiled hair.

7.Leave your oil for minimum 3-4 hrs. Not lesser. Ideally it's best recommended to leave the oil overnight and wash it off the next morning. But that solely depends on you.

8.Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and a good conditioner. 5 best shampoo and conditioner available in the market.

Note -

  • Never heat the oil directly on the flame.

  • Do NOT comb after oiling. Detangle your hair prior to oiling. If you wish, you can steam wrap your hair in a warm towel, to help with better absorption. However hot steam is not recommended.

  • Always try to use sulphate and paraben free hair products.

2. Use natural Hair Masks -

Sometimes your hair just needs a little something extra.And that surely can just be a good Hair mask. Hair masks help in nourishing and moisturizing your hair. They're especially beneficial for dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. Some hair masks may even improve the health of your scalp and boost the strength of your hair.

Here are the top 7 hair masks which will completely transform your hair

a) Egg Hair Masks -

Egg is often referred to as 'hair food' as it imparts sufficient fatty acids, nutrients and protein to your hair. It also eradicates dryness and breakage. It helps to improve hair elasticity and also conditions the damaged hair.


  • 1 egg

  • 1 cup of milk

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil


  1. Whisk the egg and mix it with the other ingredients.

  2. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp.

  3. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the mixture sit in your hair for 20 minutes.

  4. Wash it off with cold water.

Note - If you are having an oily scalp you can include 1 tablespoon of honey instead of milk.

b) Banana hair mask -

Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins. This helps to soften the hair and protect the hair's natural healthy texture, preventing split ends and breakage.They improve manageability , prevent and control dandruff and moisturize your scalp.


  • 2 ripe bananas

  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to a super smooth consistency.

  2. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair fully.

  3. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

  4. Rinse with normal to lukewarm water.

Note - The bananas should have a fine paste like consistency.No lumps should be present after blitzing the bananas

c) Cinnamon Hair mask -

It helps to remove build-up from the scalp, allowing for healthier follicles that in turn promotes better hair growth.Cinnamon has the ability to boost blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, it nourishes and rejuvenates your hair as more blood with oxygen and nutrients reaches the hair follicles.


  • 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder


  1. Mix the two ingredients in a blow .Make sure they are mixed well.

  2. Apply the mask on to your scalp after partitioning your hair into small sections.

  3. Massage the product into your scalp thoroughly.

  4. Let this mask sit for 30-45 minutes and then rinse with normal water using your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Note- You can always vary the quantity of the ingredients depending upon your hair length.

d) Onion Hair Mask -

You will be surprised to know onion is a great elixir for your hair troubles. It will not only boost hair growth but also, keep your scalp healthy and happy. Mix it with coconut or olive oil and apply it on fine, thinning hair for best results.


  • 2 tablespoon of Coconut oil

  • 3 teaspoon of Onion juice.


  1. Apply coconut oil to your hair from scalp to the ends.

  2. Partition your hair into small sections.

  3. Apply the onion juice on to your scalp using a cotton ball.

  4. Massage the product into your scalp using your finger tips.

  5. Let the mask sit for 30-45 minutes and then rinse with normal water using your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Note - Applying onion directly on hair can only result in more dryness. Hence always oil your hair before applying it to your scalp.

e) Vitamin E oil mask -

Vitamin E oil has natural antioxidant effects that could promote hair growth. It could also help in reducing the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person's scalp to break.


  • 2 vitamin E capsules

  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil

  • A few drops of tea tree oil


  1. Combine all the ingredients. You can use bigger proportions and store the mix in a jar.

  2. Apply the oil blend all over your hair.

  3. Let it stay overnight preferably .Else let it sit for at least 2-3 hrs and then wash it off with shampoo and cold water.

Note - Tea tree oil is used for reducing dandruff . You can even include additional other natural oils like jojoba / olive oil according to your preference.

f) Yogurt hair mask -

Yogurt is rich in proteins and has lactic acid that's great for cleansing the scalp and clearing away the dead skin cells to help your hair grow healthy.


  • 1 cup yogurt

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

  • 1 tablespoon of honey

  • 1 teaspoon almond oil (optional)


  1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

  2. Apply the mixture from the roots to the tips of your hair.

  3. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

g) Fenugreek and black seed Hair mask -

Fenugreek is a rich source of protein and nicotine, which helps to grow your hair in a healthy manner. It also contains lecithin, which helps to strengthen your strands. Kalonji or black seed on the other hand has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients which strengthens your hair and prevents premature graying.


  • 1 cup thick curd/hung curd.

  • 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds.

  • 1 tablespoon of kalonji /Black seeds

  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

  • 1 vitamin E capsule.


  1. Soak fenugreek and black seeds overnight in a glass of water. Then , grind them into a fine thick paste.

  2. Mix it with other ingredients in a bowl.

  3. Apply the mixture from the roots to the tips of your hair until fully covered.

  4. Keep it on for 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

3. Healthy Lifestyle -

Treating your hair internally is more important than treating it externally. This can only be done by following a few basic steps.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Minimum 3 litres of water should be consumed daily.

  2. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Include foods having vitamin D, C , iron, Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. For example , Fish , eggs , berries , spinach , nuts , orange , avocados, broccoli, kiwi etc are some of the foods you should definitely include in your diet.

  3. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hrs. This can reduce stress to a great extent.

  4. Avoid intake of alcohol and cigarettes. Excessive intake of these can cause hair loss along with many other health issues.

Tips you need to know on hair care -

  • Applying a mask on dirty hair is probably the biggest hair sin that you can commit. Always, always clean your scalp to make the most of nourishing ingredients

  • After applying the mask, pull your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. The shower cap creates a warm atmosphere, which allows for maximum penetration by the nutrients.

  • It's always recommended to apply hair masks on damp hair rather than dry hair.But that depends on the ingredients in your hair mask. For example, oil based hair masks can be applied to dry hair but if you are using drier ingredients, you should apply them to slightly damp hair.

  • Try using sulphate and paraben free products (shampoo and conditioner ) for your hair.

  • Unless specified, always use plain water to rinse your hair of the mask and then press it with a towel to remove excess water.

  • Let your hair air-dry.

  • Do not comb wet hair or oiled hair.

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