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Garlic Butter Bread Recipe At Home - The Fab Flip

Garlic Bread Recipe | Snack Recipes | Food | Tasty Food Recipes

Who doesn’t love having the buttery garlic bread as a side dish with pizza or peri-peri chicken? Though it's a great combo we can even have it individually as a snack with some tomato sauce or mayonnaise. Both kids and elders love to have it and hence preparing it occasionally can be a great treat for them.

So today I have a super quick and easy way of preparing the tasty garlic butter bread at home.

Garlic Butter Bread


For Preparing The Garlic Bread -

  • 4 bread slices

  • 2 processed/cheddar cheese cubes

  • 9-10 garlic cloves

  • 6-7 or (100gm) cubes of butter

  • Few chili flakes

  • Few finely chopped coriander leaves

  • Salt as per taste

How To Prepare Garlic Bread

Preparation of Garlic Butter -

  1. Take the garlic cloves and crush them to a coarse texture. You can even finely chop it into small pieces.

  2. Next, take a pan/Kadai and add the butter cubes.

  3. Allow it to melt completely. Switch the flame to low and add the garlic.

  4. Saute the garlic and butter for 1-2 minutes till it leaves its raw smell.

  5. Switch off the flame and transfer it to a bowl.

Preparation of Garlic Bread -

  1. Take a Tava and add 1 cube of butter. Spread it to all sides and allow it to melt.

  2. Now take the bread slices and toast a single side. Make sure to leave the other side as it is.

  3. Repeat it for all slices.

  4. Next spread the prepared garlic butter on the toasted side of the slices. Apply a generous amount to each slice.

  5. To it then sprinkle some salt and grate the cheese cubes as required. Cover the complete surface with the cheese.

  6. Toss some chopped coriander leaves and chili flakes over the cheese. Repeat it for all slices.

  7. Take again heat the Tava and add some butter to it.

  8. Once it melts place the non-toasted side onto the Tava and cover the slice with a lid.

  9. On a low flame, allow the bread to get toasted and the cheese toppings to melt.

  10. After 2-3 minutes remove the lid and you will notice nicely toasted and cooked garlic bread.

  11. Sprinkle some chili flakes if needed and repeat the same process for other slices.

  12. Serve it hot with some sauce or mayonnaise.

Download The Garlic Butter Bread Recipe PDF

Hope you like this recipe. Do try this out and comment below your feedback on it!💓

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