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Effective Tips To Have Normal delivery | Ways To Increase Chances For Vaginal Birth

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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A woman always seems to be excited about seeing her baby once she reaches the final trimester. However, along with the excitement, another major concern would be about having a normal delivery.

Almost all expectant women dream of having an easy pregnancy and a smooth normal delivery. But not everyone is that lucky since no one has control over the things that might happen in the labor room. Though some women have started to prefer C-sections over normal deliveries ( because of various reasons), it’s always better to keep medical interventions at bay unless there’s an emergency.

Natural or normal delivery helps in faster healing and recovery and also is more beneficial when thought about future health and well being of both baby and mother. And so here are a few steps and measures you can follow in order to increase the chances of having a normal delivery.

1) Read and Educate Yourself About Pregnancy & Labour -

Once you become pregnant, try to read good books online or offline regarding pregnancy and parenting.

You can also watch some good youtube videos to know the complete lifecycle of a mother during pregnancy and postpartum. This helps you to be aware of any situations and also to handle it calmly.

Educating yourself can be the best way to make you strong and ready for your journey towards labor and motherhood.

2) Try Attending the Prenatal Classes -

Prenatal classes are a great platform from which one can learn a lot about prenatal and postnatal problems and how to deal with them.

Similarly, these classes also provide in-depth knowledge and guidance to have a normal delivery. They also teach you some of the best and safe exercises so as to have an easy, less painful, and fast childbirth. Hence it would be really useful for all pregnant ladies to attend these classes.

3) Refrain From Stress and Stay Positive -

Excessive stress can increase the amount of oxytocin production that might cause early labor contractions before the expected delivery date. Such cases result in premature delivery thus putting the baby's health in danger.

To avoid this always try to stay positive and stress-free. Even if you are working try to take frequent breaks to relax your mind. Read good books about parenting and spend a good time with friendly people. Always stay away from negative conversations and people who tend to make you anxious and uncomfortable. Remember, maternal stress can adversely affect the baby’s health and wellness.

4) Avoid Gaining Too Much Weight -

Though it’s normal to gain around 10-11 kg during pregnancy it’s always recommended to stay within this limit.

Gaining unwanted weight can do no good to both you and your baby. It can result in some serious health conditions like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, hypertension, etc that can adversely affect the health of both mother and the child.

These conditions might result in having c-sections rather than normal delivery. Hence eat healthily but sensibly during pregnancy.

5) Practice Yoga or Do Safe Exercises -

Exercises help in keeping you healthy and active. It also helps the body muscles to combat the stress of labor pains. Work out regularly on mild exercises like breathing, pelvic exercises, walking, etc.

But the most important thing is to exercise under the supervision of an expert as if wrongly done can harm the mother and baby as well.

6) Drink Plenty of Water -

Drinking 3-4 liters of water daily is strictly recommended for pregnant women. This helps to flush out the toxins from the body and also to keep you hydrated throughout the pregnancy period.

Dehydration can cause severe urinary infections and also the onset of preterm labor. Hence keep yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of 10 glasses of water daily.

7) Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet -

During pregnancy, it’s really important to eat a healthy diet so as to keep both mother and baby healthy. The complete development of the unborn baby happens through the nutrition it gets from the food you eat.

Therefore make sure to eat a lot of fruits and veggies so as to provide all the required nutrients to the fetus. The right nutrition also makes you stronger and nourishes your body to make you capable of facing the challenges of labor easily and comfortably.

Avoid processed junk and other fatty foods to maintain a healthy weight, as too much weight gain can reduce the probability of having a normal delivery.

8) Get Enough Sleep -

Getting enough sleep is really important during pregnancy. Though there might be health issues and difficulties as you near the delivery date it’s always important to sleep at least 10-11 hrs a day.

A good sleep pattern can help the fetus to be healthy and energetic. Moreover, it reduces mental and physical stress thus eliminating the chances of having premature labor or C-section delivery.

9) Practice Right Breathing Techniques -

Breathing techniques are the key to keep you focused on putting effort to have a normal delivery. During labor, it’s really important to keep inhaling and exhaling so as to relax your contractions and even to push your baby at the final stage.

For this, it’s always best to start the breathing exercises as early as possible. Proper and sufficient oxygen supply is very important for enhancing the baby’s growth. Meditate and do deep breathing exercises regularly to help you undergo a normal childbirth process.

Now you know the methods to prepare yourself more towards normal delivery, simply follow them regularly. Also, childbirth is an unpredictable process. No one can control the situation to a great extent. It’s finally the doctor’s verdict to decide to go for normal or C-section delivery depending on the condition of both mother and baby.

Though normal delivery would be the first choice of all parents and doctors, in situations like excessive bleeding, nuchal cord, lower heartbeat rate, etc they might have to choose for a cesarean. So don’t be too stressed about this. Do your part and leave rest in god’s grace.

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