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Complete Guide On Newborn Baby Skin Care For New Parents -The Fab Flip

Complete Guide for new parents on baby skin care steps and procedures.

It’s not surprising for parents to be concerned about their newborn’s skin , especially when it comes to new mommies and daddies.

Babies are born with fragile and sensitive skin.Hence they need extra care and protection.Improper skin care can make them prone to rashes , baby acne or allergies.

First and foremost thing is to use the products that are natural and suitable for your baby’s skin. It is not necessary that the products which suit other babies must suit your little one. Therefore , do not experiment with different products based on other people’s recommendations.

Hence, stick to a correct routine and use natural products that's apt for your baby . And if you still have any confusion regarding the exact process you should follow?? Here I have come up with all the necessary information you always wanted to know about the optimum baby skin care regime.

How To Take Care of The Newborn Baby Skin ?

1) Baby clothes -

Skin care should start from the type of clothes you use for your baby. As we all know baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive , using rough , synthetic or friction providing clothes can cause rashes , redness or any other skin related issues.Another main reason is because babies sweat a lot.

It’s common for babies to sweat excessively during their initial months and gradually reduces as they grow up. However, it’s very important to dress them in a few layers of cloth and always set a comfy room temperature.

Baby clothes should be lightweight and cotton. Baby skin care tips and guide for new parents.

Pure cotton clothes are the best for your newborns. Not just the newborn but also for a baby below 1 year old. Make sure to use lightweight and light coloured cotton dresses to keep them sweat free and comfortable. If you are living in an extreme cold climate , adjust the room temperature accordingly and use soft woolen sweaters especially designed for the newborns.

2) Oil Massage -

Baby’s skin needs extra nourishment. And what’s better than a good oil massage. It keeps your baby’s skin soft , supple and moisturized. Other than this it also helps in developing a good bond between you and your baby. Regular oil massages enhances the skin texture of your newborn and protects them from allergies and dryness.

Oil massaging for steps and process for a newborn , guide for new parents

Learn the complete step my step process of giving a proper oil massage to your baby.

3) Giving a proper bath -

Believe it or not ,giving your baby a proper soothing bath can make her calm ,cheerful and also sleepy.Though many people suggest not to give a daily bath to the newborns , I personally feel a one time bath on a daily basis is necessary. This keeps them clean and also prevents clogging of pores (as they sweat a lot).

Step by step process of bathing your baby,guide for new parents to bath their newborn , sponge and tub bath

Make sure you use lukewarm water to bath you baby.Never use harsh adults soaps for cleansing. Invest in a good soft and mild baby soap. For giving a tub bath , you can use this amazing baby holder to ease out your bathing process.

Want to know the complete guide on giving a proper baby bath? Click here!

4) Moisturizing and Skin care -

Invest in a good moisturizer depending on your baby’s skin type. If your baby is having rashes or dry skin use a thicken moisturizing lotion which is preferably free from perfume or dyes. You can also use the one that is clinically and dermatologically approved with 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants or rather suggested by your doctor.

Moisturize your baby's skin the right way , guide for new parents on newborn skin care

Baby’s skin tends to lose moisture very fast compared to adults. Hence you always need to keep them nourished with a good baby lotion or moisturizing cream.

There are n number of baby lotions available but I personally love and would recommend the following three body lotions.

  1. Cetaphil Baby Daily lotion

  2. Sebamed Baby Lotion

  3. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream, Fragrance Free

  4. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

  5. Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft - ( For Face)

Benefits of Moisturizing -

  • Soothes the baby

  • Clears out bumps or rashes

  • Gives a glow to the skin

  • Prevents dryness and irritated skin

Things to remember -

  1. Invest in a good baby body-lotion.

  2. For extremely - dry skin moisturize twice a day.

  3. Always apply the lotion immediately after the bath when your infant's skin is still damp.

  4. Never apply the body lotion on your baby's face . Instead ,use a separate baby cream for that.

  5. Always give a gentle massage to your baby while applying the lotion so that it penetrates well into the skin.

Note : Powdering your infant after bath is not necessary rather should be avoided. According to some researchers , powdering your baby regularly can cause breathing or lungs related problems in future.

But , if you still want to use powder , follow the below mentioned precautions -

  • Avoid using perfumed or grainy powders.

  • Take a small amount of powder in your palm.

  • Gently dab a washcloth or small muslin cloth on the powder. Make sure you do this process away from your baby.

  • Remove the excess powder collected on the cloth.

  • Now cover your baby’s face with your hand and gently apply the powder using the cloth.

  • Do not puff it over their body , as the powder particles may spread in the atmosphere and your baby may inhale it.

5) Protect from Sun -

Earlier doctor’s would recommend to expose your newborn to the sunlight in the mornings. But this tradition has changed and now they strictly prohibit us from doing so.This is mainly because of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Protect your newborn skin from sun or UV rays , guide for new parents on baby skin care

For the first 6 months, try to avoid any time in the sun. For others above 6 months , try to stay indoor between 10 am to 3:30 pm , when the sun is the strongest.

Things to keep in mind before making your baby head outside

  1. Dress you baby in full sleeves and pants

  2. Avoid direct sunlight

  3. Apply sunscreen. If you can’t avoid the sun, using some sunscreen as per doctor's approval is OK even for the youngest babies. Just be careful when you put it around their eyes and mouth. Reapply every 2 hours or when the baby sweats extremely.

  4. Give them a quick bath in normal /lukewarm water after they return home.This prevents tanning.

6) Diaper care -

Whether you use a normal or cloth diaper you must be very particular about the cleanliness.Wearing a dirty diaper for long will cause diaper rash or infection on your baby’s bum. Other reasons can be tight diapers or allergies towards certain brands.

Know everything about diaper care process for a newborn , guide for new parents.

Hence it’s desirable to change the diapers every 2-3 hours or immediately after the baby has pooped in it. Also, buy the correct size diapers according to your baby’s physical weight. Check out the right method to

Try to select good brands that are absorbent , soft and comfortable. My absolute favourite rash cream is The Moms Co. Baby's Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide, Chamomile and Jojoba Oils with Oat Protein ! I can assure you , no other brand cream can clear out the rashes so quickly as this one does.

Though most rashes are not a serious thing to be concerned about , always use a good diaper rash cream to heal it out. At worse cases it is prudent to consult a pediatrician.

7) Gentle detergents -

You must be super excited to buy those tiny dresses or infant suits for your baby prior to the delivery. But please do not use them on your newborn without washing it. Most dresses may contain starch that can be harmful or irritative on your infant’s skin.

Use a gentle detergent for washing baby clothes, complete baby cloth washing tips for new parents.

Make sure you wash all the clothes with a gentle , non-perfumed detergent to soften them and also to make them germ free. Never use powdered detergent as it can irritate your baby's skin.

Another vital thing is to wash your baby’s clothes separately. Never include them with the adult laundry . This has to be practiced until he/she is 3 years old.

I personally love these two detergent brands as both have given me great results !

  1. Mamaearth's Plant Based Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, with Bio-Enzymes and Neem Extracts

  2. Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent (Powered by Plants) with Bio - Enzymes and Eucalyptus Oil

8) Skin Problems -

Some babies may have skin related issues like baby acne , rashes or eczema. Though these conditions are not very serious , still you need to take proper care to get rid of them. Eczema might be quite difficult to cure as it's an inherited skin condition. Consult your doctor immediately when any of these condition worsen.

Treat baby skin problems with proper care , guide for new parents.

Proper skin care right from birth can ensure that your baby carries a great skin throughout his/her life.Therefore make sure you follow these vital steps to help your baby get a glowing and healthy skin.

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