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Blustering Of Fairness Myths and Concepts | Expectation Vs Actual Facts

Fairness creams | Fairness Products | Fairness Myths | Facts about Fairness | Expectation vs Reality | Looking Fair is not so Lovely

All of us including me would have gone through the phase where looking FAIR was LOVELY!!! We used to do so many things to transform our skin tone to fairer so that we would withstand society's norms. This was all because of one old tale belief that “ Dark Skin people can only have a better life or future if they become fair-skinned !” Like seriously??

Yes, it’s true that all of us used to trust this saying and had acted accordingly. We used to get influenced by the commercial ads and then would spend our pocket money to buy the creams with just one expectation i.e. to make us fair! This was not something just girls did but boys too.

But, things have changed now! Many people have realized that these creams or home remedies are just to make your skin even looking and perhaps glowing, and none of them is going to make you a Snow White!

However, there are still many people who are not fully ready to come out of the box and accept their complexion. If that’s the case then you can never blame the fairness cream companies as it’s you who chose to change your natural complexion. It’s you who wanted to be treated special, to be called beautiful, in other words, you wanted to enjoy the Fair Privilege! Though desiring to become fair is completely your choice, there are certain facts you need to know before that.

So, today I will be busting out the myths on becoming fair to make you realize that you are always beautiful in your own looks. Old folk tales are just to be neglected and moved on the way you are. Now let’s get into the fascinating myths and fixations.

1) Fairness Creams can make your dark skin fairer -

Our skin contains melanin, a natural pigment. Dark-skinned people have more melanin than light-skinned people. In simple terms, the quantity of melanin controls your skin complexion. There are several factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, hyperpigmentation, and skin disorders which can determine the production of melanin in your body.

So just applying a cream, which is claimed to make you fairer, will not let your complexion to change from dark to fair. Moreover, there are no fairness creams in the market that guarantee you permanent results within a stipulated time frame. So do not go by false claims but talk to your dermatologist to know how to improve your skin tone through other cosmetic treatments and make it look healthy and glowing.

2) Home remedies can help you to get fairer skin tone -

Natural home remedies are always good for your skin. It definitely helps in getting rid of acne marks, pimples, tan, and pigmentation. It also gives you an even, radiant, and glowing skin. But when it comes to fairness it’s a no. Natural remedies can never give to a fairer skin tone.

It’s just that the more clear and radiant your skin becomes the brighter and a bit fairer it seems to be. So don’t sit in the misconception of achieving a fairer complexion through natural home remedies.

3) Saffron Milk can make your baby fairer -

When a woman becomes pregnant the first few tips will definitely include the saffron milk remedy. It’s believed that drinking saffron milk will help in making the child fairer.

It’s true that saffron/Kesar milk provides amazing benefits during pregnancy but not the fairness to the child. A child’s complexion or skin tone is inherited through the genes of his parents and not through Saffron! Sorry to break your belief, but that’s the fact.

To some extent, saffron might provide radiant and glowing skin but not whitening of the skin.

4) Eating lots of orange & yellow colored fruits can do the trick -

Yellow or orange-colored fruits are rich in vitamin C, E, and antioxidants which are great for both health and skin.

Consuming these internally or using it as a skincare pack or serum can evidently provide healthy glowing skin. The richness of these vitamins leaves a tint of yellowish and pinkish glow to our skin making it look more radiant and plump. They are also good at removing tan from your body when used externally, and hence resulting in a brighter looking skin.

But when it comes to skin whitening these do not give you the expected results. Lemons or citrus fruits act as temporary bleaching agents that fade away after a few days. Hence trying to achieve permanent skin whitening through this method is not worth considering.

5) Using a wild turmeric pack regularly can give you fair skin -

Right from childhood if you are using wild turmeric powder or paste for your skin regularly then you will be surely blessed with radiant skin and you might also achieve a shade lighter than your childhood skin tone.

Wild turmeric is also good in removing the body and facial hair. But the fact is that using turmeric cannot transform a dark skin to a fairer one. So if someone tells you this myth then try to listen and leave it the very next moment. Use turmeric to enhance your skin tone and not to whiten it.

6) Drinking milk and avoiding tea/coffee can make you get fairer skin -

Now, this can never be true and if it is then I should have been a snow-white by now. I personally do not drink tea and coffees are taken once in a blue moon. I usually love milk and till today I continue with the same.

But it has never made my wheatish skin to look white and fair. So, girls and boys, this one is just a fallacy. Enjoy your tea and coffee but yeah in a limit as too much caffeine is not good for the body.

Are There Any Methods To Actually Become Fair?

If you ask me if there are any ways you can lighten your skin a shade or two, then yes there are certain cosmetic treatments that you can undergo in the supervision of a good dermatologist. But these cannot make your skin lighter overnight. You need to be patient enough to follow a dedicated routine and sessions. Also, these treatments can really break your bank !!

Whether you are planning to undergo whitening/brightening treatments you should always keep in mind that these can only lighten your actual complexion to one or two shades lighter and not fully make you look fairer forever. Moreover, it might not be suitable for all and can even cause other harmful side effects on your skin. So always do good research and choose the one that suits your skin and fits in your budget. Also, look for a qualified dermatologist who is certified and experienced for the best results.

These treatments reduce the production of melanin in your body thus helping you to attain a lighter complexion. Some of the treatments which I am aware of are -

  • Laser Treatments

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Glutathione tablets or injections

So these are some of the myths and facts about getting a fairer complexion. I hope you must have got some clarity about the commonly believed expectations from fairness creams and treatments. There is no wrong is desiring for a fair complexion if that's what makes you happy. But do not waste your time and money on fairness products or other remedies just to provide benefits for those companies and not you.

Remember, your skin tone can never be more than who you are. Embrace your inner beauty and focus more on having healthy and radiant skin, as at the end of the day it’s not your skin color that speaks of your identity.

Stay happy, Stay wise, and love yourself for the way you are!

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