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Best Planners of 2020 to Boost Your Productivity | Planners For Your Style & Need

get the best planners available online for keeping you productive in life.

Whether you are a homemaker , a working professional or a student, planners can make your life simpler and productive. It helps you to stay focused , stress free and punctual in your tasks.It’s always essential to have a planned written note or diary that’s fully dedicated to boost your productivity.What else than Planner’s can be the best solution for this.

Every person has their own style .Similarly , every profession requires different planners to stay organised. Having a planner of your style which also fulfills your needs will further motivate you to work and plan more in future. Keeping these factors in mind , I have come up with the best planners that’ll work according to your style and profession making you more productive in your life.

Daily Planners -

Daily planners are the most essential ones compared to the rest. Having one dedicated daily planner can change your whole messy and hectic lifestyle to a productive and organised one.Write down the to do list, prioritize the tasks, schedule your professional and household works and list out many more accomplishments for the day.

Buy one that suits your style and need and start planning!

#1 : Motivational Planners -

#2 : Elegant Planners -

#3 : Affordable Planners -

#4 :Cute Planners -

#5 : Classic Planners -

#6 : Doodle Planners -

#7 : Bossy and Handy Planners -

Weekly planners of 2020 -

Some people love planning ahead.I am one such person who tries to plan certain things like cleaning and household chores for a whole week.This simplifies our tasks and makes us stay organised. Try planning your schedules or tasks on a weekly basis with these stylish and amazing planners.

#1 : Stylish planner -

#2 : Handy Planner -

If you do not wish carrying a planner book while travelling then you can simple note it down in these super handy planners.These are like A4 sheets which helps you in planning your tasks for a week.

#3 : Under the desk Planner -

There are few people who love's to keep a planner on their desk for easy access and visibility of their tasks. These are basically A4 sheets.

Monthly Planners of 2020-

Monthly Planner is an excellent way to explore the month and to plan ahead. The planner allows you to create and track the tasks while also providing a history about your path from planning to execution of various tasks over the year.

Yearly Planners -

Start your year with a beautiful note or resolution.This helps you to stay motivated in achieving your goals.These planners are designed for goal setting and work-life balance. These also helps in making time and space for yourself.

#1 : Elegant Planners -

#2 : Classic planner -

Travel Planners -

Treat for travel enthusiasts as it inspires you to travel more !These are for the people who loves travelling. Traveler's need to plan their schedules for a whole year. Hence these are just perfect for you. Plan and doodle it out for your upcoming trips.

Success Planners -

It's a complete planner as we can schedule and plan our tasks on a daily , weekly monthly & yearly basis. It also has to do lists and Mindfulness Routines tracker. The first one is my absolute favorite. Do go and check out. It's work every penny.

Reusable Planners-

Love lifetime investments? This one is for you!These planner's can be used over and over for years.I would call it as a life time planner as you just need to spend few bucks and stay productive and organised for your whole life( at least for 5-6 years if you maintain it well).

Kids Planner -

If you have kids under 7-8 years old this is a must have.Making your children stay organised and motivated to achieve their tasks helps them to gain success in future.Self -exploration is a required aspect in children.These Planner is all about inspiring kids to improve their organizing skills and at the same time helping them become productive and positive.

Students planners -

Another category who should have a planner in their day to day life are the Students.They need to stay organised and productive in their academics , projects , seminars and exams.These planners are the ultimate solution to achieve success through planning and executing tasks on time.

#1: Hogwarts Planner -

Just wanted to include these for the students or teens who are a Harry Potter fan like me !Having a merchandised planner of something we are really found of also gives us motivation to keep on planning stuffs.

Desktop Planners -

Working professionals(at office or from home), College Students,Teachers or Entrepreneurs should have a desktop planner where you can note down your daily tasks,keep track of your daily appointments or calls.Planning in an old fashioned way without intrusive and distracting technology can really help you stay focused at work.

#1 : Classic Planners -

#2: Cute Desktop Planners -

If you are someone who loves decorating your work desk with cute and unique items then you can go with one of these.Such planners will definitely make your desk pop up!

Wall Planners-

This can me a very good option for home makers.Though it's an old traditional method, it can be very useful in keeping track of your bill payments ,birthdays, anniversaries , or any other important dates.Very useful for those who find it difficult to track things digitally.

#1: Classic Planners

#2 : Devotional Planners -

Specially designed for people who are into devotion and wants to track all auspicious and important days in a year.

Homemaker's Planner -

Never forget a thing again! These reusable planners are for fulfilling all your goals by scheduling the tasks.Although they can be used by students or working professionals it fits best for the homemaker's to plan their household chores and meals.

#1 : Magnetic Planner-

Stick them to your refrigerator or metallic cupboard and keep track of your daily household works.You can also dedicate it fully for meal planning .

#2 : Traditional Meal Planner -

Meal planning has now been made easy! If you're busy or working and still trying to cook every day, a meany planner book can be a savior. It will not only help you save money on grocery bills, But also make you stick to a healthy diet.

All In One Kitchen Planner -

Track and list out all your tasks and grocery list using this tracker.Stay focused and productive.Now there won't be any chances to miss out things.

Diet and Fitness Planner -

A fitness enthusiast?A diet freak?Try out this planner to keep track of what you eat, prepare diet plans, monitor your fast, develop new habits and achieve your fitness goals.Trust me, you are going to say thanks for this.

Business Planners -

Having a stylish executive diary or planner can make you feel more professional!Keeping track of your meetings , appointments , calls is vital if you are a working professional or entrepreneur.Make your hectic work life relaxed and productive with these planners.

#1: Classic leather planners -

#2 : Casual Diary Planners-

#3 : Complete Business Planner-

Expense Planners -

Finding it difficult to track your expenses? Plan and track all your bills to limit your unnecessary expenses.Keep a budget tracking planner to save your money.

Basic To-Do Lists -

Need something basic and simple.Try out these simple and handy to-do lists to stay fruitful !These have different types of list according to your needs.

Sticky Note Planner -

Need something unique and stylish? This multi pocket planner can be used for casual or professional purposes.The sticky notes helps to sort out the pages according to topics.

Combo Planners -

Last but not the least who doesn't love saving some penny!Here is a combo offer for you guys on daily planner.Now extend your planning with some savings!

All planners serves some purpose.You just need to identify it and incorporate one in your day to day life.The specialty about the planners I mentioned is that most of them are undated ones.This helps you to start your planning at any point of your life.Hope you find this article beneficial ! Do let me know in the comments if you wish to see similar ones. 😇

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