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How to apply pencil liner for beginners | 8 Best Tips and Tricks to Apply Kajal Perfectly

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Best steps to apply eyeliner pencil perfectly on your eyes.

We all love to enhance our eyes through makeup especially the Indian Girls. Kajal or eye pencil in an inevitable product in our makeup kit. Right from my childhood I have been someone who has loved to apply kajal every single day.And from years of practice ,I have not only mastered it but also realized my mistakes and learnt a lot of new things on applying kajal.

But, the picture doesn't remain the same for others. I know many people who find this as an intimidating task. Getting late to the office only because you struggle to get your eyes done,looking like a panda after a few hours of application, seeing other girls carry their eye makeup with grace and perfection would have disheartened you a lot.

Don’t worry ! I am here to help you with all your problems.Wearing kajal in different ways may require some practice but applying it in the most simplest way is super easy and does not even take a lot of time or practice.Getting that perfect application of kajal is not any rocket science. You just need to follow these 8 amazing tips.

Mistakes you should avoid while applying Kajal

Now before jumping to the methods to apply kajal without any abash , lets first discuss the common mistakes you would perhaps be still doing to your eyes while applying kajal.

  • Following the incorrect method to apply kajal.

  • Applying it Only on The Lower Waterline.

  • Smudging Kajal to Hide Dark Circles.

  • Stretching your Eyelids .

  • Going with the wrong style.

  • Using Dry Pencils.

  • Going Black During The Day.

  • Using a Low-quality Kajal.

Exact Ways to Apply Eyeliner Pencil /Kajal with Ease

There are actually 'n' number of ways to apply kajal. But these are the most basic yet important methods which can make you a pro! Once you excel in these then all other methods can be done single-handedly.

Tips #1 : Prep your eyes -

The first and the most important thing is to prep your eyes. Yes, you heard it right! Prepping your eyes is important even if it's just to apply kajal. You also need to prep your eyes after removing your eye makeup.Dirty eyes are not going to help your kajal stay longer.

Remove eye makeup completely and prep your eyes.

  1. Wash your face as well as your eyes.Pat it dry using a good absorbent towel.

  2. Clean the dirt or left over kajal from your eyes using a Q tip.

  3. Apply some concealer if you have got dark circles.Do not overdo.

  4. For oily skin people I always recommend dabbing some loose powder around your eyes.This prevents caking of the eye makeup as well as smudging of the kajal.

Tips #2 : Apply like a pro -

You need to first learn the basic application on your eyes. For this you’ll just require a good kajal /eye pencil , a mirror and a few minutes to spare! As mentioned above stretching your eyelids can be your biggest mistake.

We always tend to stretch the area around our eyes in order to get a good grip and smooth application in the water lines.Stretching your eyelids on a daily basis can lead to wrinkles and sagging of muscles around your eyes. You don’t want that to happen right?

Here is the simplest way to apply Kajal like a pro -

  1. Take your eye pencil , place it at the inner corner of your eye.

  2. Close that particular eye so that you can feel the pencil touching both your lower and upper waterlines.

  3. Glide the pencil from the inner corner to the outer corner.Apply few strokes similarly by moving back and forth.

  4. Open your eyes and you can see how well the kajal is applied to the water lines without even stretching your eyelids.

Step by step method to apply eyeliner pencil on your eyes.Correct method to apply kajal.

Note -

  • If you have small eyes then you need not focus on the inner corner. You can simply start from there and then focus on the other portions. Use long and intense strokes as you proceed outwards.

  • Try to use a good smudge proof pencil for better results.

Tips #3 : Brush can be your savior-

If you are not well versed in using an eye pencil directly for the application then go for a brush. Buy a zero point brush , take some product and start applying it to your outer eyelids.

You will notice it’s much easier and smooth compared to direct application using an eye pencil.

Use a point zero eye brush to apply kajal or eyeliner pencil on your eyes perfectly.

Tips #4 : Be smudge proof -

If you feel having a smudge proof kajal can save you from a zombie look , then you are wrong. Simply having that can’t help you. You need to go along with a few other key steps.

  • If you have watery eyes then do not apply kajal on the inner corners.

  • Always use a concealer and some loose powder to reduce smudging especially for people with oily skin.

  • After applying kajal use a similar shaded eye shadow over your inner leads with a flat brush.

  • Do not expect your kajal to obey you. Hence, carry some q tips / cotton swabs to wipe off that extra kajal from the corner of your eyes.

  • For people facing excessive oiliness around their eyes, carry some wipes or blot papers to soak away that sweat and oil.

  • Last but not the least , do not rub or scratch your eyes.

Tips #5 : Roll your eyes -

Your eye definitely needs a workout. Exercising your eyes is one of those simple things that very few people do. Applying a lot of eye makeup and then removing those , wearing lenses etc can over time harm your eye muscles. You should tone your eyes in order to strengthen them and to improve the blood circulation.

Practicing the below exercises regularly will help keep your eyes relaxed ,enhanced and healthy.

Tips #6 : Choose your style -

Everyone is gifted with different eye shapes.All eye shapes are beautiful. It's a major task/factor for you to enhance your eyes with the correct eye style. If you just follow a common style for your eyes irrespective of your eye shape then cease it and embrace yourself with these tips.

First try to know your eye shape. The most common eye shapes are -

  • Monolid eyes

  • Hooded eyes

  • Round eyes

  • Almond eyes

  • Close set /Wide set eyes

  • Upturned /Down turned eyes

  • Prominent / deep set eyes

Try different eye liner pencil styles or kajal styles according to your eye shape.

Once you know your eye shape you will be able to accentuate it with the right style and makeup.

Tips #7 : Bye Bye Fake Lashes -

Gluing a fake lash to our eyes gives you that fuller and enhanced look. But on the other side they are equally harming your real lashes. It's time to say goodbye to those fake ones.

If you feel naked without those lashes switch to a good Mascara. But beware , regular use of mascaras is also not good. You should incorporate the right method to remove mascara from your lashes , else you can lose all your natural ones.

Irrespective of the above methods , I will emphasize you to engulf in various natural remedies to grow your lashes fuller ,longer and thicker.

Tips #8 : Play With Colours -

Black is not the only colour available in today's era.Though black kajals are common there are a variety of colours available in store. Experiment with colours according to the occasion , your dress or eye colour , day or night time etc.

For example - when it comes to day time applying a black kajal can be a bit inappropriate. You may not get that natural look if you do so. Instead go for a brown or turquoise green shade that will enhance and show off your eyes.

People with small eyes can use a white eye pencil for their lower water lines so that their eyes look bigger and fuller.

Similarly, try out new colours and just rock it out !!

VIDEO : Watch How To Rock Different Looks With Colored Eyeliner Pencils

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