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21 Styling Mistakes Men Make While Getting Dressed Up

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Those days are gone when only women spent hours getting ready. In today's era, even men are conscious of their looks and style. But there are many style errors or fashion blunders which most men commit in their day to day life. Whether it's about getting ready for an interview, a date with your lover, or just some casual outing with friends, you need to know how to play your cards right.

So here are the few common grooming and styling mistakes most men would have committed at least once in their life or rather are still doing it. I am not forcing you to change your style, it's just a guidance for people who need it.Just remember " Fashion is what you buy while style is what you do with it.

21 Styling & Grooming Mistakes Men Should Stop Right Away

We learn from our mistakes in life. Hence no need to feel guilty if you were making any of the below-mentioned mistakes. Just realize it and try to incorporate the right style in the future.

1) Going too fit -

Whether you are too slim, fat, tall, or short it’s always important to go for the correct fit dressing. Fit is king, it’s gonna make you look more stylish and handsome. Never wear too fit body-hugging jeans or shirts would just help in enhancing your body fat and making you look helpless.

Choose the one that follows your body line and at the same time makes you feel comfortable and also helps your body breathe.

Just nail the perfect type of dress with a perfect fit and you are good to go.

2) Trying to be unique -

Trying to be unique your style is really good if you know the right way to put them all together. If you are not confident enough in pulling it out then please keep it simple. No need to overboard yourself with too many layers of clothing and accessories.

Sometimes being simple can also be unique.

3) Wearing sagging lower pants -

Wearing a sagging belt was once in trend. Seriously, I don't know why! But if you are still planning to continue with that style. Boy, you are really doing a sin. Saggy lower pants just bring down your whole look and make you look sloppy. It even makes you look shorter than you are.

So if you don’t want to look lazy and slobby, stop wearing them right away.

4) Not using a belt -

It’s okay to skip your belt for a casual or suite look if they fit you perfectly. But you definitely need to wear one with your jeans especially if they are loose. Belts are designed to help hold up your pants.

Some people don’t wear it just to show their inner! I mean seriously? It’s not at all a style to be proud of. So please go and get one if you don’t have it in your wardrobe. And if you really dislike wearing a belt then please go for suspenders or side adjusters to hold them up.

5) Wearing jeans and flip flop -

If you are just visiting a nearby shop to buy something, then wearing flip flops can still be accepted. But going out for a date or visiting malls to purchase things by wearing a combination of jeans and flip flops can never be a good idea.

You will end up looking weird and also the people around you may not seem acceptable about your style. Wear flip flops for beach trips or to pools. They are seasonal, so don’t make them your everyday wear.

6) Focusing more on dressing up rather than dressing well -

Your personality is defined by 80% the way you dress up. Just because you're dressed up in a suit and tie doesn’t mean you are well dressed. The idea is basically dressing up in a smart sharp style and yet being comfortable and simple.

Hence always try to dress well rather than just putting on some random mismatched outfits.

7) No proper haircut and shave -

Having a beard and long hair looks really good but only if styled and maintained properly. No one would like you if you look like a Tarzan! Hence, get into the habit of getting your hair and beard trimmed and styled regularly.

If you are not well versed in the process, visit a good salon or barber for getting it done.

8) Improper grooming -

This includes a lot of things right from your skincare to full-body fitness. Investing some time for your face, body, and hair will help you in enhancing your overall personality. Here are a few grooming tips you need to keep in your mind -

  • Have a simple but effective skincare routine. Here is the complete guide on how to get into a proper skincare routine.

  • Be cautious about body and mouth odor. Take necessary precautions before heading out.

  • If you have coarse and overly thick body hair, don’t leave it ungroomed. Use a trimmer to achieve the desired results.

  • Unsightly dirty nails can really have a negative impression on you.

  • Never go overboard with your hair gel or creams. It will make you look gooey and champi.

  • Be subtle with your scents and deodorants. Fragrances are meant to enhance your body’s natural scent and not to overpower other people’s nostrils.

9) Wearing dirty shoes -

If you fail to wear shoes that are clean and polished then no matter what your whole outfit can never impress anyone. Your complete personality might be judged based on your footwear.

So, invest some money to buy a good quality long-lasting pair of shoes/ sandals.

10) Wearing deep V neck -

To be frank, if you are someone who loves wearing a deep V neck then sorry to say they are not a good style to keep up. And for people with chest hair it’s strictly a NO NO.

So please try to avoid such T-shirts at least when you are going out.

11) Going out in your same home pajamas or boxers -

Nothing can be as bad as wearing your daily home clothes or worse your boxers to go out. It’s time to stop believing it to be a great style that you are committing.

For your sake, change to a quite decent outfit and then go out.

12) Contrast-colored socks with black/brown shoes -

Now imagine you’re wearing white socks and pairing it with black or brown shoes. Doesn’t it look weird and not at all blended to your whole outfit?

Always go for similar colored socks unless you are trying to do a moonwalk!

13) Improper selection of jeans -

Stick to blue and black shades as they can complement any shirt or tee. Choose the right size jeans that are neither too long, short nor baggy. Also never opt for the one that’s too tight for you especially if you are too skinny or overweight.

These mistakes in styling can bring down your self-esteem. hence try your jeans before buying it and make sure it flatters your personality and look.

14) Mismatching colors between shoes and belts -

Always make sure the color of your shoe and your belt match to each other. A black belt with brown shoes simply doesn’t match especially if you are going for a tuck in.

If possible try to match even the material of both.

15) Wearing excessive jewelry -

I would never stop you from wearing excessive jewelry if you are a rapper or a gangster. Though our ancient kings used to wear a lot of jewelry in this 21st century no one will accept this style. Keep in minimal and stylish according to your outfit.

16) Crew neck t-shirts under your dress shirts -

Never commit the mistake of wearing a crew neck t-shirt under your dress shirts. Now here you can choose your V neck to accentuate your style.

But if you are wearing a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan, or a casual open shirt then you can go for the crew neck style underneath.

17) Wearing sports jerseys everywhere you go -

Don’t try to use your sports jerseys as your daily wear or tee when you go out. They are to be worn for sports events or games. So please try to be ethical towards the style rules.

18) Fold the collar in its place -

Unless you are a model doing a random photoshoot or being featured in a music album kindly stop the practice of popping up your collar.

It’s a simple thing but will give you a great styling result.

19) Wearing jean shorts and loose tees -

Chino shorts just look so much better and flattering when compared to the jean shorts. Next time you want to wear shorts, go for the chino ones.

Similarly, tees go really well with such short. So make sure you don’t opt for the loose saggy ones which can ruin your whole look. And also please never tuck your tees if they are loose! It’s such a big styling blooper. Go to a tailor and get it altered to your size.

20) Not ironing your shirts -

Stop wearing shirts or tees or any other clothing that has wrinkles on it. It just takes 10-15 mins to iron your dress and hence do it to look more stylish and well dressed.

Tip- Iron your shirts for the whole week in advance to save time and effort.

21) Stained clothes -

Never head out with stained clothes with the perception that people won’t notice it. You will have a very bad impression. So don’t be so lazy to pick out a clean outfit/shirt and wear that instead of the stained one.

22 ) Sneakers with pants -

Sneakers can never go with casual pants. Don’t try to bring them together. Some people may even cringe every time they see someone following this style.

And if you are planning to carry this style for an interview then boy, very good luck to you!

Hope you would have realized your styling mistakes and blunders and can now correct it to look handsome and stylish effortlessly.

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