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12 Simple Ways To Organize The Kitchen Countertop - The Fab Flip

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A cluttered and unorganized kitchen can never look good. They are always unappealing and never provides enough space to get things done.

Organizing your kitchen can be a tedious task, however, the results will serve you in so many ways. The overall look will become sharp and orderly, you get a lot of empty space to be utilized for cooking and other chores. Moreover, minimal counter clutter also means less stuff to clean. And I am sure most of us would definitely love that to happen!

So here are few things you can try doing to make your kitchen top more organized, presentable, clean, and functional.

1) Declutter Your Kitchen Countertop -

As I always mention, the first step before any organization should be to declutter the items we own. This helps us to discard the unused or expired items and gives more space for storage and organization.

When it comes to the kitchen you will definitely find a lot of old utensils or spoons, similar types of spatulas, orphan lids, condiment packets from fast food places or restaurants, chipped mugs, etc.

2) Make A List Of Essential Items -

Once you are done decluttering and sorting out the things you require, make a list of the most essential items that you would frequently use while working in the kitchen. This step has to be taken seriously as it decides how your countertop would look like.

Remember to store as much as possible in drawers and keep only the most necessary items on the countertop. In this way, it will always look more organized and clean.

3) Use Trays To Organize the Required Items -

Trays can be a great organizer and also act as decor to the kitchen. You can use cutlery trays made up of good quality plastics, glass, or wood. I personally prefer wooden/woven trays as they really provide a classic look to your kitchen space.

If you have things out on the counters, either by necessity or choice, place them in trays to eliminate the messy look of your kitchen top.

You can even use foldable stands that utilize the vertical space giving you the provision of more storage.

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4) Add Plants and Some Kitchen Decor -

Plants enhance any space of your home. I always love to place 1-2 plants in my kitchen as it accentuates my kitchen.

Go for medium to small-sized planters and place it at any corner of your kitchen, near the sink, or within your tray that holds some items. You can even place them near or on the window side where it can get ample amounts of sunlight.

Apart from plants you can hang a quoted frame or place it along with this plant on any corner. Do not add too many decors as it can make your kitchen look more clumsy. Keep it simple with two or three.

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5) Use Lazy Susan For Easy Access -

Countertop items like the spice jars can also be contained on lazy susans. The best part of using them is that you get access to all items easily without occupying much of the horizontal space. This can also lend a bit more storage and an overall cleaner look.

Buy online -> Lazy Susans For Kitchen Top

6) Hang Knives on Magnetic Knife Holder -

If you have a small countertop space then try hanging a magnetic knife on the countertop wall to hold all your knives, scissors, etc. This saves a lot of space while still being easily accessible.

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7) A Compatible Fruit Basket -

We all tend to keep fruits on the countertop as it’s easy to grab one before it’s past its prime. However, never store them in bulky baskets rather use slim metal wired ones that are quite sturdy and also do the job.

But in case you don’t want to waste your valuable counter space, then use a hanging basket to hold all the fruits. This utilizes the vertical space efficiently freeing up your countertop.

Buy Online -> Metal Fruit Baskets or Stainless Steel Fruit Basket

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8) Keep the Sink Area Organized -

Unless you organize your sink area, your countertop can never look clean. Use an old tray to hold the dishwashing soap, sponge, and scrubber. You can also go for any sink organizer like the suction tray or tray. This makes it functional and pretty decent looking at the same time.

The extra sponges, sink cleaners, soaps, etc should be stored under the sink cabinet instead of placing it somewhere adjacent to the sink.

Buy Online -> Sink Organizer

9) Use Hooks to Hang Kitchen Towels or Spatulas -

Instead of keeping all the spatulas, kitchen towels, or other random stuff on the countertop, you can use some good quality adhesive hooks to hang them on the wall above the platform or to the backsplash right next to the skin.

You can also use an over the cabinet door hanger to hold the kitchen towels. This hack is for people who don't prefer hanging them on the walls.

Buy Online -> Adhesive Command Hooks or Kitchen Towel Hanger

Buy Online -> Wooden Kitchen Spatulas

10) Place Chopping Boards Vertically -

Chopping boards come in handy while cooking in the kitchen. So it’s always best to place it on the countertop for easy access. However, to save some space try to place them vertically rather than horizontally.

This makes it look more presentable and also adds some depth to your kitchen top. The next option to place the cutting boards can be on the inner side of the cabinet doors. Use a rail, over the door basket, or some command hooks to hold it in place.

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11) Under The Cabinet Shelves -

Another best way to save more space and organize your essentials is to place an under the cabinet shelf unit. This is a really convenient way to hold all spice jars and useful items without making them be out of sight.

Moreover, you don’t even require any drilling or additional installation. You just need to slide and attach to any cabinet and you would be good to go. Try to invest in metal shelves rather than plastic as they are more durable and sturdy.

Tip - Some shelves come with a tissue holder which adds a bit more in saving some counter space.

Buy Online -> Under The Cabinet Shelf

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12) Use Drying Basket to Hold Utensils -

After washing your utensils make sure to use a drying basket to hold them so that it doesn’t make your countertop look ugly and messy. In addition to this, it also helps to dry out your utensils easily.

Buy online -> Drying Basket/Rack for Utensils

Some Useful Tips

Here are a few additional tips to make your kitchen space fresher and appealing -

  • When organizing in trays or stands always group similar or common items together. For example - keep all oil cans, salt, ghee, silicone brushes, etc in a tray for easy access.

  • Always place back washed utensils immediately after they dry out to avoid any unorganized feel to your kitchen.

  • Utensils used for cooking tend to be large hence costumes a lot of space. To avoid this, transfer cooked food to serving bowls or containers so as to utilize less space on countertops.

  • Clean your countertop with some dish soap or at least a wet cloth after cooking or other kitchen chores. Never leave it as it is.

  • Place your blender either in a corner of your countertop or else inside any drawers to save more space.

I hope these tips and steps will help you in setting up an organized kitchen countertop where you would always love to work and cook. Stay tuned for more such kitchen organization posts on my website.

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